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Noam Chomsky he believes we should attack institutions we should be able to be political we should get elected and we should change the institution because its institutions that are to blame it on burl in his book power says point blank no it's not it's real why man who once they get economic position as a baby's automatically seeks to extend its capacity to enforce his will far as he can now multiply that by five thousand people sitting on each other's board of directors of the interlocking directorates of the largest multinational corporations and you have identified in my opinion you've identified a very large chunk of the empire exactly Tyler is with us in Kittery Maine hi Tyler go ahead hello George Craig I am a capitalist for haven't Friday go to Tyler okay I work for a subsidiary of UTC which you can see is a word with Raytheon my question is does just wondering how merges with companies like this how how will that impact of our country and for that matter the world well it already has few years you're still seen if Greg every time a company emerges or choirs hostile or otherwise another corporation it does two things it consolidates the power of that corporation into the hands of its board of directors to direct that corporation look at the corporation see what they do for a living and you'll get it every time a cruise missile launches Raytheon makes a million dollars.

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