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Before they sell out miss through AXS dot com. The six o'clock six man, NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Friday night beer show, Patrick McLoughlin on the acoustic guitar track brewing in tonight with John rain. We'll get back with more from John here. Just a second Franklin county DUI taskforce conducting a sobriety checkpoint. That's tonight. Taskforce members will set up on alum creek drive south of Williams road, and north of I two seventy no Beck's obits bet runs from eight to twelve thirty task force says it wants to impress on those who will be consuming alcohol to plan for a designated driver or make other arrangements. He got lift and Uber tax Cavs are hoof it, so please don't drink and drive. So John what we moved onto now for our third selection on tonight's show. We've got our trail magic vanilla stout. This is a nice easy drinking stout. Little hint. Vanillin the finish. Yup. Saying kind of bring out that coffee and chocolate character in there had, this is my, my wife's favorite beer. It's what I had to have on all the time at the house. We have three taps as long as this was on one. I could do whatever I wanted with the other two. So this is a, you know, happy wife happy life. I was just gonna say man what an ideal scenario. You got going, there wife, saying, I got to have this on tabby new problems. We are how about, like as far as the beers that you do AB levels. So some breweries like to make them real strong. Some people like to make them, more sessional. Are you kind of a mix? How do you how do you that probably more of a mix so far everything we've had tonight is actually five one five two? So, you know, real sociable we do go up to nine six in our in our lineup. But, you know, I usually when I'm thinking about a beer thinking about. How I can have more than one so, yeah. You know, either he's a drink with that, that higher alcohol or you know what I want to be able to have few how many beers do you have on tap at your place right now? We've got eight of our own and handful of guests apps. What are what are some of the other guests that you feature? So we do all Ohio guest, taps right now, we've got some selections from fat heads earthworks, which is also looking county over there and heath. We've also got mommy bay and masthead up in Cleveland. And then is that all decided by you or do you have to work with the distributor, who says, why get you this? But you got to do this or not. So I put together the list and it's really to try to round it out. You know, like I mentioned, we like to have a nice cross section of style. So we fill in holes in our in our current lineup and bring in probably a couple of extra PA's usually but yeah, I, I work at with the Chevy, or in some breeze individually that self distribute to put that together as many in the business you, you were an award winning craft brewer start who got you into that in the first place was that something he did on your own, or was there buddy of, of yours or did you just like beer? And when I got to figure out how to do this. So a couple of buddies brooding college. But then my wife got me, a Homebrew kit. I want to when we got engaged. She wanted me to have a hobby other than video games. So choice. Yeah, yeah. I'm not sure she won. That though I still still dabble in the video games. And here we are the kind of games you like to dabble in mostly shooters and brenham sports and by dabble deeming, like a good seven hour session. Or is used to these days, I'm lucky to squeeze in an hour a week and our week. Wow. Because I when I kinda got into some of that stuff, I would wait until my wife and son fell asleep on a on a weekend, ten eleven o'clock. And then I would I'd start playing, and I'd go till about four in the morning for five. Then it's a rough slog the next day, and then maybe squeeze in a nap and then on Saturday night, and do it all over again. And that sounds familiar. Resident evil resident evil four. You ever play that I have? Yeah. To me, I to me that is still the greatest video game ever. Ever made. So in crafting beers, what would you say? It's been your greatest triumph. What was something that maybe was hard to perfect? But you finally unlocked it and you finally got it was there, something that just dogged you that, that made it difficult and you finally beat it kind of like getting out of that next level in a video game. Actually, it's. I'm going to say up here that we haven't even done at the brewery yet, but it's something that I worked through as a as a Homebrew that I'm itching to bring, which hopefully this summer, people see a coche on tap, attrac- and part of the reason that, that gave me so much trouble as a as a Homebrew just being able to ferment it correctly. It's kind of a an ale lager, hybrid style. So it needs to firm and a little cooler than normal, and, you know, properly controlling that address that in a home brewing, atmosphere. So there, I,.

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