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A woman and her twenty month old baby boy were shot when somebody opened fire on their car at sixty third parkway in south hall stead in Englewood Fred Waller is the Chicago police department's chief of patrol he was asked if this was a random incident of gun violence well I don't think it was random because the amount of times it was fired upon it doesn't seem like it was random the Texas I feverishly investigating this looking at video canvassing the scenes so we'll find out authorities say the mother was driving home with her son from a trip to the laundromat they drove themselves to the hospital where the toddler was pronounced dead your lows department of public health says that there are seven hundred and eighty six new confirmed cases of covert nineteen and twenty six more people have died from the virus since Friday for the third consecutive day the state got back results from thirty thousand tests illinois' positivity rate is two point seven percent since the pandemic began there about a hundred and forty one thousand plus positive cases and close to now sixty nine hundred people who have died from their exposure to the virus police in Roselle say that there is no reason to believe there is a threat to anyone in the community after several people were wounded one of them killed in gunfire early Saturday morning near rose Ellen pecan roads the investigation is ongoing Texas is set to take a step back since the state has seen a surge in the cases of corona virus governor Greg Abbott on Friday scaled back the re opening he shut down bars and lowered the capacity at restaurants to fifty percent John I'm going owner of the Cajun Cajun in Houston says he wanted the state and local governments to work together to prevent confusion one day we might have the county just telling us to do one thing.

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