Mike Mccarthy, Green Bay Packers, Alcan discussed on Early Morning Praise with Larry Tinsley


Ninety two nine the game. Alcan's play. Let's go. Crossers civilian? Nine. I'm Amy Lawrence with a CBS sports minute. Even if we knew the other shoe will drop at some point it was still a shock to see. The breaking news Mike McCarthy fired by the Green Bay Packers. I can't help. But wonder if Mason Crosby makes his last second field goal forces overtime against the cardinals and the Packers pull out a win. Does McCarthy survived the coach week fourteen barring criminal action or something like that? I object to firing coaches midseason McCarthy had earned the right to finish the job. But regardless of the timing. There's plenty of blame to go around from the coach to the quarterback to the receivers to the offensive line to the defense to the kicker McCarthy is the drastic move. And it's not a bad thing to get a fresh voice in move leadership by all accounts, the offense had has been cohesive or operated as unit all season. But to put all the blame at the feet of McCarthy, it's far too simplistic. I'm Anne Lawrence. Hey. Yeah. Yeah. Would I.

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