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Acronym for what drew you related intestinal disease syndrome lo que because that's all they were seeing it then. But this an equal opportunity killer, drew. Yes, why would they name it grits? If they didn't know yet what it was. But why would they use gay because that's the group that was getting drew? It's an equal opportunity Taylor. That yet that that point that right? Did it's an equal opportunity in Africa. Yes, it is. So why why with the gay stuff? He should check that out. Clearly, they were. Bigoted. Why don't you call something grids start with gay? It's just everyone gets the same has the same. Another one of the many things. I it's it's sort of the third hand smoke of science, which is look I think it's okay to say that you can get aids in a heterosexual relationship, and you should put a condom on. But there's also problem when you take everything and just turn it into everything. Right. When you take it to an extreme when you're taking out of out of the sort of observation reality and make it something else. Well, if you turn secondhand smoke in a firsthand killer, but nobody dies secondhand smoke. In a way, I'm going to not listen to you. When you talk about what else is dangerous, which is dangerous because the second thing you're talking about could be dangerous, and this is kind of the prom. Like, I know you want everyone to wear a condom good. But you can't say. Heterosexual aids in gates is statistically say otherwise throughly not that you're getting in some weird weird territory now where you're basically going I'm gonna lie to you to get you to do. What's right? Which is fine with your kids when you want to beat their vegetables in their eight, but when you're dealing with the population, it's it's a slippery slope particularly lessons because then it becomes Reefer madness. When you overstate something to adolescence than they don't trust you much else. All right. Do we have Ringo by Lorne Greene? For the west outlaws, the gunslingers the big kids in worse, where did you say? That shot Bill hickok in the back. There's always one like that. And every time of history. Most of them who once every once in a while and one of them the may have lived a man..

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