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As record this tonight. We'll be doing the Scotiabank Wednesday night hockey game nine o'clock eastern Calgary. Flames facing off against Philadelphia. Flyers Chuck Fletcher GM is on this five game road trip at the flyers are on Sunday's game three what's happening with Wayne Simmons. What's happening with the goalies situation. What's happening with the flyers period? Wayne Simmons we talked about this on the podcast last week. Ron Hextall didn't want to give them the term. Yep. And whether or not he was being shopped depend on who you talk to. So I think the some teams they were talking to other teams they weren't Chuck Fletcher's on this west coast trip. He's going to say he's been sit down with Simmons escape chance to norm talk to him. I think what that's gonna mean is a follow up conversations agents used as king. I don't have any doubt in the next week or two he'll be calling just to see where are we in? What can we do? So I think no guarantees. But I think they'll be a restart the goalie question to me is interesting. I've had a lot of teams tell me they don't like the market Cam Talbot starting to play better. But you know, hasn't been great to me hours eight gallon starts to play a bit better. But generally hasn't been great Jimmy Howard big price to Troy tongue people. They're talking to first rounder, Craig Anderson. I'd one team telling me they really like them. But there were these burned out from all the rubber. He's seeing all the action is played Charlie Lindgren. I think there's a lot of teams that like him, but Montreal's not trading that guy unless it's for a hall. So you're sitting there and you're going. Okay. For the price. We have to pay who do we really like now Philadelphia. Their whole thing is it's the bridge. Right. The bridge from here to Carter heart. So how do you get there? Well, there's two guys that could make some sense Corey Crawford's one. He's got one more year under contract. Jonathan quick is another. He's got four more years under contract, but he makes seven million this year next and then release starts to drop. I'd be concerned about the term. I understand that in the injuries. I get that quick has been healthy a lot except two years ago in this year. And you know, when you're older, you're always worried about when when there's a guy fall off the cliff, especially when you play that. Jonathan quick person though. I think he's fantastic. I'm a big Jonathan quick fan. But I get it. You know, Chicago you're sitting there you've got nine wins. And I know they don't wanna pull the plug. They really believe in trying to compete as long as they can. I understand Corey Crawford. Also had injury problems. He missed a good chunk of last year with a concussion is got a partial no-trade quick has no protection. I would bet that both of those teams would say these are guys who've been a huge part of what we've done were not putting their anywhere. They don't wanna go. Speaking of Chicago, what's going to happen there? This is very unfamiliar territory for this team ovo. No one's gonna feel sorry for them. No. With three Stanley Cups in their hip pocket. I do feel bad for Jeremy Colloton. And I do think they should stop doing one thing specifically in Chicago. And that's announcing the coach before games. Because the reception isn't good, and it's not fair to call it in. And he can't help the fact that he's not Joel Quenneville. I agree. You know, I never like getting mad fans because their pay our salaries, I get it eight look you, and I don't have this podcast of it isn't for all these fans. I don't like getting mad at them. But I'll say this. If I wasn't Jeremy Colin shoes, I would never let them stop announcing me never. I don't care if you do me, I'm not taking my name down. Because the moment you take your name down. Somebody is going to write about it or say, hey, did you see Jeremy Colloton took his name off the Blackhawks the name. I couldn't boom to me. That's worse to me that's running away. If I was behind the bench..

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