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Men The broadcasting should rider if they are probably on. Why wouldn't they be why would e._S._p._N.? Mak- Do with Frank Warren One way only because we're GONNA get to other fight this weekend right from but at the same time and then you gotta think about B._T.. Sports to like are they gonNA spend money by getting right Brandon and railroad. That's not really a big demographic for them also. What I say B._T.? Got Air IT. What I'm trying to say is why is it E._S._p._N.? In that territory they they are <hes> in Doria is called E._S._p._N.. But it's like you're saying you came is being bts person so it's like affiliation with Wood Wood bt already but I I don't know why is being sean and over there but I guess you got guy rice fees man well. This is giving money right yeah. I I've seen Jimmy Linen some everywhere that a couple of weeks jabbah would up champ DJ Lebron's of Ringa Ringa for some time now he he's been to the New York City T._v.. Appreciation night man. Thank you for the Support Center Super Chat Love. Thank you for all the hard work T._v.. For Life you already Know Gibran Appreciate It Zorro. The main event is starting start. Seeing Jimmy Linen is in in the ring now with two fighters in which is waiting to get this thing going to Eddie Mustafa Moment Rob Bradley trainer sacrified will arrive Brand say Thurs Thursday with bribery. Have you found out that the guy in between <hes> <hes> rather I am yeah. Workman got <unk> nigger here do motherfucking people. That ain't thanks guys on an a La arrived brand. No the Zorro Sammy's pulling ended up now cool brothers this shit alongside each other make sure that <hes> railroad he heard <hes> what's his name Andre Ward earliest city he unlike anything he heard from Ryota Marotta in the fighter meetings so his way that he's looking right now. I just looks a little nervous but I don't know if that's nervous energy right like because again you know there's just I'm not accustomed to you know looking at Japanese people you know so. I don't really know no no real vase expressing. You don't know what that is really. I'm having dealt with him. MM enough. He got he blew as a sponsor so turn the either the big shit over the got Nike Hugo and he got a packed arena two minutes. Nice is Renner. Go both guys are in ascending the rain by the TAP gloves. Luis Pabon is the referee from P._R.. There that is Marotta won't even look at them czar. Oh game a wink and a smile so he's being friendly Shaun White not now rob brand look super focus you see when Eddie Mustafa Muhammad was given some instruction before stepping out the radio again it was just so focused then and then he was like let's go. You heard that you've seen read those lives. That's what you say rob jump out and they go round wavy. Joe Jonathan with the Super Sat says top on a Nice yes showing Rob Brandt lovely showing US love robberies been a Patriot on for almost three years. Oh good right hand to the body followed by left upstairs brand picking up where he left off Mike. I'm happy picking up where you left off hands nice and hot and letting hanes go. Oh good have movement by Brent Nice Body. Oh Man Marotta to same ready for this but you know what though maybe this is Maradas Game Plan Because Rob Brent is on enemy territory. He is in Japan houses body acclimated this way. He's moving a lot. I mean he's landing and throwing but moving is cardio going to be up for this..

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