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I decided to do this number one is you know my kids are now teenagers they've only known me as a weekend dad because they got they were born after i was elected to congress so that's a personal decision but i was able to make that personal decision because i feel like we put our majority in a good place because we have gotten a lot done it's making a big difference in people's lives so i'm confident we're going to be able to hand i'm going to be able to hand this over to another republican speaker and because of that list of accomplishments i actually feel content and confident therefore i feel like i can do what i've always wanted to do which was to be a full time dad with my wife for at least part of my children's upbringing because if i do another term that's really all they will ever know me at home is a weekend dad and that's just something i just can't live with the outgoing house speaker paul ryan who will serve out this term and then he will be gone from capitol hill who knows what the future might hold we can talk about some of that with our guest professor barry burden of the political science department at the university of wisconsin madison located just north of the the ryan district full disclosure my daughter lives in janesville only a few blocks away from the ryan home i've actually been by the house and and seeing the backyard where he sneaked out to get away from reporters so when he was selected as mitt romney's running mate some years ago and i remember that it was a year ago october it was october of two thousand sixteen that there were trick or treaters in my daughter's neighborhood and right there at the door was house speaker paul ryan wearing a hockey jersey and out in the street was the war wagon with the secret service guys following him around it was quite a sight to see professor burden yeah i think that says a lot about paul ryan he he really loves coming home to janesville his family has a long history there he makes an effort to get back by plane car whatever it takes on fridays saturdays and at least spend a day with the family so it doesn't surprise me one eight six six five o jimbo our number one eight.

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