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Welcome back into tomorrow with another refund. Tech fact for you while apple was building a huge data center in the middle of north carolina. They wanted to occupy the area of a couple that live there for thirty four years when the couple refused to leave apple paid them one point seven million dollars for their plot of land. That was only worth one hundred. Eighty one thousand which is nothing for apple exact chump change for apple. One point seven million but the land was worth hundred and eighty-one thousand. Wow i think they finally moved at probably. I mean why wouldn't they. It's like winning the lottery without having to buy a ticket but they did have to move from their home of thirty four years moment of silent. Please anyway welcome back into tomorrow. I think i mentioned that. I'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave. This portion of into tomorrow is brought to you in part by hughes net. High speed satellite internet available wherever you live or work text radio to thirty five thousand to get more info again. Text the word radio. Three five zero zero zero. And that's a really cool thing. You should do that. i mean just. It's really easy. Text the word radio. Two three five zero zero zero. You'll get free information. And they don't bug it. They just send you an of cool link to get satellite internet. It's really neat. And are you worried about What we should be worried about In two thousand twenty one tech stay tuned in a few minutes. We'll be talking to tim baharan. He's the president creative strategies to talk about his article that he wrote in forbes five tech concerns for twenty twenty one. Yeah it's really cool stuff you want to. Don't miss you wanna don't miss there. You go my interview with him coming up in our next couple of segments and when you participate on the program you win prizes. It really is very easy to do and something that you probably be amazed at for example. What cameron's always reminding us of win stuff. Thank you well. Thank you comedies. Right if you'd like any of these particular prices that we're about to mention no promises no guarantees but do tell us when you call in using the free into tomorrow app or the eight hundred number and we'll do our best to get. Perhaps that item to you. For example from infinix. We've got some wally grip. Detachable wallet griffin stands for your smartphone. These are really pretty cool to you. And you can carry your driver's license and credit cards and all that in there. Too from turtle. Beach stealth seven hundred. Wireless gaming headsets available. We've got some chip polo item. Finders can find your keys phone or backpack and seconds especially if you left them at japodlay right from lexus ceramic glide feet for your computer mouse. And you think. Why would i need that. Well if you ever had your mouse just get stuck on the mouse pad or the desks. This will solve that problem. Bits limited is provided mini squids. He's travel sized surge protected powers for man. I back when we could travel. You know the good old days. I never would go anywhere without my minnie's quit because it gives you all these extra plugs protected and it's wonderful do check it out and do join us and call in.

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