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Financial exchange radio network. So we got what is it about forty fifty four hours to go fifty five hours to go until the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. Obviously, it's the New England Patriots verse the Los Angeles Rams, and the Rams have a little bit of a a problem when it comes to their TV ratings. It's not that no one watches the Rams people do, but the problem is that within Los Angeles. They have the worst ratings out of any home team in the league. And it's not even close to be credible. Gives us some of the the cume numbers here. So here's how ratings work. Okay. If you get a rating of one that means that one percent of TV's that were on at the time were tuned into that that program so New England as an example has a thirty five rating in its own markets. That means that when New England Patriots games are on thirty five percent of TV's that are turned on are watching patriots games. A third of all people watch them when when TV's Iran the bears have twenty eight point one rating the eagles have a thirty point four even the Detroit Lions who've been awful pretty much for most of their exam. Existence. Still a very loyal fan base. Heavy twenty two point two rating while the Rams heavy ten point six. Ten point six. It's it's less than half of what the lions ratings are who's lowest team in the league. Do we know? I would imagine it has to be the Rams that's got to be the lowest has to be the lowest. It has to be. Point six is really low for an NFL team in your home market. Well, here's a great stat that I found so in Los Angeles the Rams win over the saints, drew two point one million viewers in Los Angeles. But two point five million people in Los Angeles watch the next game the rich chiefs so more people watch out of market game in Los Angeles than an INMARSAT. So I assume that just because the Rams and saints game was on the early slate. So it was three thirty eastern. So that's about bright afternoon. Chiefs fans from no, you're absolutely right. It's a heavy transplant city. Oh, yeah. It's just not a football town now. Football town, by the way, we have to do trivia trivia football based alternate. Okay. Do. What are you got hit me? Help PL research did some Tom Brady research for us, and it has to do with how the stock market performed when the patriots. We're in a Super Bowl. Oh on average, the S and P five hundred only gained two point two percent in each of the ten years at New England has played in the Super Bowl. Okay. So what that's nine Super Bowls, right or ten eight. This. This is the ten th overall because we Eighty-six Tom Brady though. Now, we're talking about New England New England, okay? So here's the thing. There's a little bit of a small sample sizes. So the Eighty-six Super Bowl was actually in nineteen eighty-seven where the garbage and eighty-seven the two thousand one soup bowls in two thousand to the market again tanked. What else do we have the the oh seven Super Bowl eight tank? So the question is are the patriots responsible for financial downfall on a regular basis? Inconclusive. Inconclusive. It's a possibility he has now that Brady spent two summers interning at Merrill, Lynch. I did not know what summers. Don't know. Let's do a little bit of trivia here on the financial exchange. We are going to do some football based trivia since it is Super Bowl weekend. And the way the trivia works. If you know the right answer you Texas at six three five six six, and if you are the ninth person with the right answer today says this is Tom Brady's nights Super Bowl. You are going to get a fifty dollar gas card of your choosing beginning the ninth person with the right answer is going to get that fifty dollar gas card in Texas at six three five six six now. Matt who rates up our trivia has a great question today? We're not gonna use it just because I have a better a better one. Format. This is a good one. And I'll read what it was going to be. The question was going to be how many yards was Adam Vinatieri's game winning field goal in Super Bowl thirty six to answer. I don't think that's a terrible question. It's a really good question. That's what I'm saying. Like, I really like this. Why are you chain? Not because I have a more slightly more obscure one also based on field goal kicking. So this is the trivia question. Now, how do you text Santa the trivia question? What six three five six six. Okay. That's not the answer. But that's how you text us. Text that number six three five six six and the question is how many yards behind the line of scrimmage does a field goal. Kick normally originate from in the NFL. How many yards behind the line of scrimmage does a field goal? Kick originate from in the NFL. I told you this is a good question. So the ninth person go doesn't have very face on kickers preference. No, oh, it's a legal thing. Nope. It's not legal, but it's a standard across every single team. And the reason why it's standard is because the long snappers are good enough that they have pretty much program themselves to snap to the exact same place every time. Gotcha. In this way. They can go between different teams that having pro. Okay. Kicker would know the answer this question, and Chuck for the record was a college kicker placekicker in college. So I I love all things kicking. So how many yards behind the line of scrimmage in the NFL because it's different for the NFL and college by the way, how many yards behind the line of scrimmage in the NFL do field goals. Take place from Texas at six three five six six the ninth person with the right answer is going to get that fifty dollar gas card, and I'm guessing I looked at the responses yet. But I'm guessing that we're starting to get him. Oh, yeah. We got all up. I look up your stats here. My stats. They're not good. You don't want. Okay. Like you look at my stats and it's like had field goals in JV games made nine kickoffs. And then was fired from kickoff duties because there's you with hair. Yeah. It's it's it's scary. Isn't it? That's a first for me. I'll tell you what I was in great shape back then though, great shape. Now, let's take a quick look at markets as we head towards the bottom of the hour right now, the Dow currently up one hundred forty six points, the SNP up seven the NASDAQ up one so all markets in positive territory. The NASDAQ kind of fighting off a little bit of a bear run coming at them right now. But the Dow up about point six percent and the S and P also up about a quarter percent as well. We'll take a break. And we got the trivia.

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