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Details of the case and what his mindset was going into that hotel room in las vegas uh all of these things by the way you know it was interesting because his conviction on that felony came thirteen years to the day after the jury found him not guilty of murdering nicole brown simpson and ron goldman which i thought was interesting time so again loses about pay back but listen to this right here is one of the questions all right thank you we do know that you've programs over your term incarceration and you have completed dictum empathy alternative to violence the basic advacing computer appliquee i'd like you to tell us a little bit more about thick meant that the an alternative to lions and how it will benefit you in the future now for those of you who know the details of this case very well i just want to caution you we not when i play the answer to your biology simpson if you're if you're driving you might drive off the road if you have like i like die coca drink icu you might spit it out of your nose because used what he said the two violence of course as i have been pretty good people in the basically it's been a conflict free you used to beat your ex wife nicole brown simpson to a bloody hope to the point where her face was nearly unrecognizable and then you took a big knife to the guts and the body of of her in ron goldman conflict free life he ice i still think he's living in complete denial so he's telling the jury now granted this was not about that case legally or otherwise so there wasn't any testimony by what happened in 1994 but to sit there and say nominee nonviolent guy you know i don't like conflict you know i got the flights on the street with the government can everybody but as of you to lose tools of out of all the people got a fight instead of the one coaches to the talk was told that i i don't i don't even know if the the parole commissioners could digest all of that and say wasting you used to beat the living crap out of your exwife and then you murder to people osiek come on your living in a fantasy world i.

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