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Be shoved into the quarterback so not bullied from the standpoint of intimidate no not it from an intimidation standpoint maybe i used the wrong room when all g there are the wrong word uh than the other thing about them is they're fairly i mean pose a big player he's a big thick dude um but there are undersized linebacker position their small minnows at the practice i was right there i was like two desert like they're increase they can ron um they're outside backer has incredible hype but he's really skinny looks like a basketball player looks ago looks like a power forward uh and their middle linebacker uh jones's incredibly gifted bafliah meagre run like the wind is not the biggest guy either and so i think when you when you look at speed guys when speed defense is there to corners irs fascinating to correspond in football and true fonts a great player alfreds a great player to but one of the things i always think about when you're talking about speed teams in the rely on speed don't ever want to go side to side with those teams because they'll just outrun ya and they'll meet you the point of attack and you'll look at your salvi it'd be like seven and our six second down a nine so my theory on those guys in those smaller speedier units is straight downhill and try to piledriver and the teams that have had success have been able to do that i called atlanta against tampa now tampa made it a tie game atlanta ran away with it at the beginning and tamba came back and made a very tight game at the very end it was like a one score game and then atlanta scored again in young men in then it looks like oh it's blow up but it was very tight game and tampa ran this not out of the ball early i mean they just they just basically bludgeoned them early um and that was it inside trap tight zone on each side tight zone of the right type zone lorette left and inside trap game and wam game in in.

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