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Wasn't gonna make that money back up uh that was reported we reported and i got to get done a again shocker but ward's reported blake griffin was opting out becoming a free agent he was right we reported the chris paul was going to opt out and we were wrong we were wrong and then it was said again on monday and tuesday and guess what happens today he ops in because he tells the clippers he's gone owing to go to houston in free agency so then it becomes a little bit of a cat and mouse game between those two and the clippers go we don't lose you for nothing so paul goes to houston stays in this contract and then he can make back all that money in a nother new contract were extended out thirty six and thirty seven years old so that's all the stuff that you need to understand how this thing actually we came together whether or not paul would actually leave all that money on the table and do a new deal the clippers must have thought that that was the case the spurs now saying that they were interested jeff goodman just said that the spurs were like ask who kicked the tires on it but we have an old point guard does it matter that your old point guard isn't good need more in chris paul is still great but i think the most important thing and this will is now with the rockets in harden and chris paul what are we have is the basketball team that well that's the greatest unknown left because of so many questions you just answered you look at this trade from so many different angles and i think you have to break it down into clippers rockets paul the trade from the clippers perspective makes sense to me because well lack of options so you get patrick beverley lou williams a two thousand eighteen firstround pick and what is the other player it's at louisville unisem becker sam decker topthree protected first round or which all the people that know d'oro more the jimbo rockets were so smart to point out inches them a little topthree three on this so with the clippers got what they could get right you'd wanna left you money that.

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