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Because i know you got the barnaby. What is it thirty six thirty six. Yeah barnaby thirty six com which we do some training. It's been very difficult. Obviously in the last year and a half pick up. But i also worked for a gambling site and then he likes to gamble out there in canada Canadian say but i. I'm a big better. I love betting on hockey and basketball. And and enjoy all that and do it responsibly. In you know bet bet a few dollars here but a few dollars there and and have fun so i. I'm very fortunate to work with some great great people bet ninety nine dot com and I enjoy it. I love it and Very very It's my new team in the europe. Two thousand twenty one and It what about the podcast. He's still got that going on. We're going to restart a great now. as we got. I got so busy with With with with a betting sites. That i've been doing so it's coming back. It's gonna take a little different angle i silly. There's too many Hockey task for the interview There's a lot out there so we're going to kinda change it into more of a bedding punk cast off but it's a little little little Unfiltered you have to if you're not ready for wearing and a little over the top i'm not the right podcast for ya see. I've got my own. that do Has nothing to do with sports. So i happen to love the podcasting Genre if we look your unfiltered and you could say what you want You produce your own stuff. It's funny not Tied to the fcc rules. And you know. I it's something that's enjoyable at. Nc your son's playing now. Yeah my term call. You're supposed to go to penn state but wasn't like a scholar so he turned pro. he plays In alabama and Yeah it's fun. It's fun to be able to enjoy something with someone That loves hockey as much as you do. Easy he's a great kid. Loves the plus work hard loves to have fun and My daughter's nineteen year of university in the united states. So i if pretty cool what do you think. He's got a shot at the nhl. Yeah yeah i think so. I mean we all you know judge differently for me..

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