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Some other options not to get too far down the road because it's still August we'll do that as we continue but I am way late five nothing Reds win tonight Kelsey Chevrolet extra innings on the home of the Reds newsradio seven hundred WLW traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. Cincinnati hurricane Dorian currently north of Porto Rico slowly moving north the north west this is the eleven thirty reporter rob carpenter breaking now twenty eleven this from the fourth one we've got here so what is the we've left twice and we stayed twice so we're trying to prop days ahead of hurricane Dorian's possible landfall on the U. S. mainland ABC news learning the White House transferring more than a hundred million dollars from FEMA's disaster fund to support immigration crackdown at the border ABC said Kyra Phillips talking to officials at the White House ice and FEMA are both within the department of homeland security and so a spokesman for FEMA did come forward and said that this transfer of funds to support the border emergency will leave a remaining balance of four hundred forty seven million dollars so it's not a problem there's plenty of money to support both issues Dorian could become a major category three hurricane forecast to reach the east coast of Florida by Monday latest traffic and weather together this Wednesday night still no problems nothing wrong with that no major delays are accidents on tri state side streets about the free weights they're looking good as well now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. got it in the forecast it's clear and cool some fog overnight and morning low of fifty six degrees our Thursday then sunny skies and pleasant my high of eighty two at night mostly clear down to sixty two on Friday partly cloudy and a slight chance of an afternoon shower from your severe weather station I'm nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. radar in the tri state looking good sixty four degrees of man indicted on several charges in connection with the April crash in Colerain township they killed an off duty volunteer deputy twenty three year old Jacob Jonathan facing two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol drug abuse that fatal crash occurring back on April the first none of them was driving a twenty nineteen jeep wrangler when he crashed the jeep into a utility pole on pull in Colerain township twenty four year old it came and Alexander was a passenger in that jeep and was pronounced dead at the scene Alexander was able to county sheriff's volunteer deputy and was appointed to the special deputy.

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