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The cbo and i would suggest someone sympathetic to malpass economics dr hold zinc and said we have a vector of deficit to gdp it could be five percent or six percent or heaven forbid he said seven percent we can't allow that to happen how could we have trump tax reform and fiscal responsibility at the same i don't think that's exactly the right question the question should be our current tax code doesn't work it's simply blocks grow agree so that has to be fixed and then separately you can say but and our spending policies really need to be reformed from from the ground up there needs to be a budget process that works at debt limit that works who needs to be restrained by by politicians and on and on down the line and that's something the trump administration can work on but the the don't don't put that together with the tax reform that so we don't wanna combine a tax reform analysis where the fiscal policy us i've been good critical thing is to get the tax reform done done early so that people can begin investing in hiring the the critical goal remember from the beginning of the trump campaign was how'd you get more people employed the participation rate to go higher and get every bite wages to grow up so every time people are talking about policy that's the context you and kevin has of our frontline economists do you have a voice within the administration are you spend in your time jetting around the world i hope not on private jets you're on something more cost of a horrible unlike his other secretaries but argued jetting around internationally or do you and has ever voice administration certainly no i'm going to asia and i'll be flying back academy class drew has gone my doctor that secretary militia that were.

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