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Hardest hit are women and people with low incomes who worry about the planet's long term health said the study published in the journal of global environmental change symptoms of this particular psychological condition include restless night's feelings of loneliness and laboratory sabrina helm the lead author of the paper professor family consumer scientists university of arizona climate change is a persistent global stressor a us navy ship is trapped in montreal until spring due to icy waters a newly commission navy warship will be wintering in montreal after its journey to florida was interrupted by cold and ice a navy spokeswoman said the uss little rock was commission of buffalo december 16th expected to make its way to its home port in mayport florida but instead the it's caught in ice since christmas eve in montreal and it will not far sufficiently for this ship to move until may up mid march i'm sorry mid march so which is at the planet is heating up to the point our blood is going to boil or how does that coincide with a navy ship trapped in montreal until spring due to icy waters next to story scientific american cleaning up air pollution may strengthen global warming now wait a minute at first they told us pollution was causing global warming c o two zone pollution caused by evil american corporations our don't care whether they kill people pollute the rivers pollute the air dental care now cleaning up air pollution may strengthen mobile warning how pollution in the atmosphere is having an unexpected consequence scientist say it's helping to cool the climate masking some of the global warming that has occurred so far all so see what's happening it really isn't warming up folks there hadn't been any significant warming in now 17 years so they have to keep coming up with reasons why they're models are wrong if it turns out now that we are putting too much pollution up there and it's it's it's it's cooling the planet like volcanic ash does prevents the destructive heat from reaching us and so if we clean up the pollution if we get rid of the pollution we could kill ourselves that's what the stories the next story is from a tech blog if we start deliberately cooling the earth we may not be able to stop this is a sad with it's hilarious it's written by young tech blogger who obviously buys and every lie and distortion this read.

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