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She's probably watching like freaking breaking and tweaking and tweaking and juuling with for all the stress jewels. Could you imagine being on a show that is so so popular like changes the landscape really speaks to the culture of the time and like not wanting to be associated with it anymore and like not wanting to talk about it in interviews like if you had been on one tree hill, and then you're like ashamed, like, how could you how dare people get too big for their britches? I will never be too big for Atlanta, Georgia. Those are my roots. I will never be too big for the university of Mississippi. I'm waiting for them to ask me to do the commencement speech. They haven't you. That is such a good like goal in life. Thank you to be like the notable alum from your university, and they actually called me the alumnae department called me two days ago and they were like looking for donation, and I said, brianna, if. You're watching. I talked to on the phone and I was like Brown, and let me tell you something right now. Like I am not in the position right now to give you money, but when I do it will be such a large donation that you name the food hall. After me, I don't want that. The ability to be named after me, I want the place where people come together and eat snacks to be named after me. The student union, the Heather McMahon, Khawla snacks, university of Mississippi has a nice ring to it doesn't the blind side. Of course. He did. Of course, I did. Did you appreciate the portrayal? Absolutely. And I know the to ease so yes, Collins is. I think she's my year and she was a Katie and I was a delta gamma. So we were like the cheerleading the lily Collins? Yes. Oh my God. How was she? She was the loveliest night. I didn't know Mike Golic personally, but everybody knew on campus. Lovely, lovely family. I thought it was amazing movie. And did the little boy s j rarely get to run onto the field. I don't remember because he was drunk and I never made into a game. Oh my God. I did make it joy game, but like in the south, like we do tail with other level, right. Not like like I'd never wear a t. shirt to a game. I would be in full mosquito. Outfit with pearls and like a full thing. Totally. So it's more about like ambiance, unlike commodity and like drinking bourbon and eating Ponente cheese. It's not about like Michael oher yet, but love him. Like at the time when it was happening like before it was a movie. Did you know of the story of Michael award? Was he a big get for the school? He was just like they do for the school. But again, like I don't even know really like how football is scored and I'm like, I don't know. It scored at all. So I just like, you know, I'm like, oh, a great. Yes. Well, wow, what an interesting factoid him. God, I, I'm sure everybody at ole miss is going to be mad that I said that that I don't know about sports, but honestly, like don't know about four new and it's like, you know a lot about the things that you know about it and you can't. You can't do everything unless you're Elon Musk, thank you. You know, like you're like, is beyond your years. You really are like, I get a really good positive energy from you. And I just feel like you're on another wave length. Thank you. I feel the same way about you. I feel like I say these like 'isms that like are very old light, old soul hundred percent. I honestly and truly like an eighty four year old Jewish lady like in this body me too with our with our cigarettes and our glasses cabs sitting somewhere in queens, just talking shit. That would be so, and I would make a funny show what's so crazy, and I'm still shocked by this is when you came on the show last time and we were talking about like.

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