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Well, you make such a great point enjoys bringing you into this as a as a prosecutor, you know, full disclosure, the part of me that is a journalist. We welcome all new information. We get it's fascinating when witnesses wanna talk during a probe. So I get that. But speak to the point that Neo rages, which is separate from the journalistic inquiry or a lot of citizens following this the legal part of this which is Muller's folks looking at all of this signal sending and they're not naive about what's going on. Yeah. You know, two different categories of people here for from prosecutors point of view, I do not want my witnesses out in public talking creating more statements that they can be cross examined about. But my targets my subject. I'm happy to see them make public pronouncements every time you the president gets on Twitter. Roger stone goes on TV. They're just given Muller. More. Cannon fodder for what's coming Mr. card? Do you think that it would be a good idea for Bill bar to kind of clear this all up and say, look, whatever is not actually classified from the national security perspective ought to at least go to congress. If not to the general public from Muller because that seems to be the other sticking point. We're seeing right now. Well, first of all, I know Bill Barr. I have the greatest confidence at him. He is an outstanding lawyer in a really good person who is well grounded in doing the right thing. So I have confidence that he will do the right thing. I want to make sure everybody is protected from the presumption of guilt. Well, let me say I'm going to have the it is gonna is my reporter's privileged interim. When you say he should do. He should do the right thing. I think viewers go. Okay. So what does that that's like, Washington talk? What is the right thing? Here is it ensuring that the bulk of the non part of the report should be the question or not I trust him to exercise. Good judgment. Whether there was something in the report that should not be in the public domain, and I would do that in consi- consultation with the special prosecutor is this something that should be in the public domain or you just considering it as part of this. What you've discovered in what should be going forward. If you were to present case to either congress to do deal for impeachment offer other case. That might be around. I there are lots of times when that happens. Lawyers addressing the possibility of action that could be taken by any entity. That's the responsible thing to do. We don't look at. I like full disclosure, but I also believe that there are some things that do protect someone's presumption of innocent and our legal system of saying we don't know for sure we shouldn't put a presumption out there. We should be based understand that the melting and finally you are a Republican. But would you describe your accent as Kennedy esque, all I'm I'm from Massachusetts. I'm proudly on the board of the M Kennedy institute for the United States Senate Doron mend Republicans on the board. I believe in public service. I believe in the noble, call a public service. I wanna polish the noble call a public service, and I celebrate EID democracy. I'm also the chairman of the National Endowment of democracy, and I wanna America's democracy to be the great example for the world to see. And right now, we're looking a little bit tarnished tarnished, mar we're overtime. But if I thought. I just I just wanted to say that as much of the report the Miller report is possible needs to be made public. The American people deserve to know. What's in it? At to the greatest extent possible tastic. I I think we covered a lot of ground. We didn't even get into the patriots MasterCard. New Joyce and Andrew pigs to each of you coming up much. Thank you serve coming up. We turn to this bombshell leak about Trump's executive time what he's really doing all the blank spaces in the schedule and new polls show Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz out of step with most Americans on taxes. I have an exclusive interview with Schultz business rival who got his start. None other than Starbucks barista. And my breakdown of a rare move by Trump. He just admitted a mistake..

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