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The next generation of homeowners Flat feet listings salary agents cash offers the new way to buy and sell homes learn more at Hauser dot com Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's go to Amelia Draper at storm team four Amelia Give us an idea of what we should expect here in the next couple of days Well Sean we're going to be drawing out there tonight but tomorrow right on through Sunday morning we're going to be dealing with rain at times from a storm system that looks to drop one to three inches of rain across the area maybe some isolated amounts around four inches So that's going to bring the concern for flooding out there tomorrow Saturday and then some river flooding is possible Saturday and just Sunday Tomorrow is the storm team four weather alert day because we're not just tracking rain but the potential for some moderate to heavy rain and spots and then during the afternoon but especially the evening hours on your Friday there's the threat for some severe weather strong winds heavy rainfall and there is a small threat for a tornado south of Washington tomorrow the winds in the atmosphere are supporting that So we do have to mention it So you do want to remain weather ready That's why it's a weather alert day tomorrow likely Saturday as well low to mid 60s for highs out there tomorrow Saturday and Sunday temperatures only in the 50s with not only rain at times but breezy winds as well By Sunday afternoon Mother's Day afternoon most of the area looks to be dry but the chance for rain sticks around throughout the entire day in southern Maryland Currently across the region right now Aspen Hill coming in at 65 Laurel at 66 and suitland at 65 Thanks Amelia brought to you.

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