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Every day that is not created for you because I think that is so real and when it comes to issues issues facing communities of Color the native community we have to start from walking people through the history of of everything that has happened in our communities before we can even get to the issues around policy or or campaigns and elections. And you know it's it can be a little a little exhausting so I appreciate The the space that you're creating 'cause I think it's it's it's really important. Thank you I appreciate that. What advice you have for the boundaries? Listening saying I want to be just like her. Well I would say I want you to be just like you to to these To these young girls in young women I think that too often we think that leadership supposed to look and act a certain way and the war on women of Color Indigenous Women who get engaged in of all the politics the war that we are challenging. What leader looks like? I think it is incredibly important for our young people to find what you lose track back of time doing what feeds you. And what is your gift and your role in the community and then live into that role. Find your vocation occasion. I think it is incredibly important for our young people to stand up for what they believe in to Thomas Roof Bruce to carry their own narrative in the stories of the community that they represent and to be unafraid to to be bold and something that I think a lot about just how many of us come from communities where our ancestors believed in this day where air we would be showing up and leading in a way that that they Couldn't at the time but clear path for us to be able to do so so my advice to young black umbrella girls. Is You deserve to be seen heard and valued and my job is to hold. Hold the door open for you and we can't wait to see how you lead tired of listening listening tour depressing news while the country falls apart around us and you feel like there's nothing you can do to help and how we win. Is your new campus. No matter what podcast from from the grassroots organization swing left. Our country is seeing an unprecedented wave of activism on the left before waking up and stepping up to get involved in two thousand eighteen we elected Democrats to the House representatives. But that was just the beginning swing laughs how we win reports on the front lines. Is the revenue run up to November twenty twenty. And how together we'll flip the Senate fightback gerrymandering and yes victory trump. Everyone's on how we win co-host Pearson Mariah Craven Talk to guests including senator. Chris Murphy Cecile Richards actress. Kathryn Hahn representative here bath and and the founding members of March for our lives each episode gives you the tools you need to make the biggest impact on the crucial elections. No matter where you live the best antidote don't bring society is action. Get your weekly dose of hope. Subscribe now to swing left. How we win on Apple spotify where every pods? It's or as swing left out or back slash podcast.

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