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'cause like the beauty queen twinkle but know that so the race on republican will be interesting on december craig sides the two democrats running one name chris christie no not that one the other one is siegelman where again if you're without politics down siegelman governor that went to jail and so there's a scene home and on the ballot no not that gelman either there's a lot of weird name recognition that both of those guys we're gonna have to overcome because again education in terms of just the whole process is is a battle that alabama candidates have to overcome that and the fact that you've got chris christie and fetal men i mean they're two of the most polarizing names right i mean we say chris christie instantly think not that guy saying that'll be something for for our watch we have for the first time ever in every single state house race the democrats are fielding a candidate is the first time ever that in some of these counties there will be a democrat on the ballot for the state house we've got a couple young folks that are that are on the ballot and for say house races very excited about like i said kyle peer sues one of our a vice president and then in brain woolcott is also on the ballot he's another young guy wellish during milica so those are those are interesting things why and overall i think that biggest thing that one can take away from alabama politics especially because of all the attention that we've done following doug jones is that the state again clown in a middle school like just it's insane and crazy and just when you think they haven't done something stupid they have they have someone that stands up and says it's infringing on on religious liberties to make care workers out background checks you know like just when you think that is dumb and they get they do something else.

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