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You definitely want to make sure that you pay close attention to monday's show or to me on twitter or you know who are at bang the book twitter account because we will have some scheduling changes here over the next three weeks trying to basically fit all of this analysis in prior to the conference servants well i can tell you is that we'll do the monday male back again on monday to send me your questions on twitter skating dr pods or adam at bang the book dotcom you could email me now we set up a uh begging book dotcom email address four missiles are two ways get your monday mail bag questions in if they're are college basketball mlb nhl college football nfl the industry in general whatever you want to ask me about please hit me up again that's at skating tripods on twitter adam bang the book dotcom that'll get forwarded to igf male accounts will do the monday mailbag here on monday probably do a little bit of an abbreviated version again we'll be with kyle hotter of hunter sports fix dot com on monday tuesday we'll have probably brian blessing and tony george i may wind up doing a two hour show on tuesday if i get a lining up with brad powers and ralph michaels than that we can get those guys on early in the week because there are tons of conference room and start bout we'll start by march madness and suitably third way futures prices that's typically what we do hughes me that'll probably be the format that we have over the next three weeks don't quote me on that because i need to confirm schedules uh with everybody obviously for that but you'll typically what we've been doing is moving the tuesday guests or the thursday guest excuse me two tuesday doing about an hour and a half on monday two hours on tuesday however long we need on wednesday that's pretty much been the plan for us i may separate uh brandon ralph between tuesday and wednesday but either way we'll get all those guest you here over the next three weeks but i know for a fact that we will not have thursday and friday shows the week of march madness so that's the fifteen th and sixteen and then probably not on the twentysecond and 23rd either because you've got obviously sweet sixteen.

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