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People. Beat the if you have all those groomsmen because you can't not have groomsmen at well. That's the i had. I had i had. I had all my groomsmen of which i had. We had a psychotic amount of of groomsmen. Oh it was obscene. The pictures actually. I mean listen. I'm divorced now so no one will ever look at the pictures again. Sadly but those pictures looked crazy. Because there's i. We had the most gigantic wedding parties. And i had all of the groomsmen. Plus you know a handful more. You had a wedding party. Plus you gotta. Mossy confirmed the craziest thing. Is that we weren't in it. And you guys were there now. It's it's pretty amazing too. Because one you know as i've learned the silver linings of a marriage not working out meeting someone new who's great finding a new joy in life. One thing that's truly cannot be underrated. Is that whenever i- remarry. I will be able to have a smaller wedding when people ask they go. It's a second marriage. Of course it's smaller like it's expected you'll be able to draw the line i can draw. The line is very. you'll have a thick black sharpie. Marker could work and when people wanna get offended who might normally get offended they go. It's his second marriage so they gotta go small. It's it's almost like a growing by the way on the flipside when people go second wedding and go like psychotic again people go. What the hell is wrong with this person. He's already taken to reduce. I was just gonna say those people are relieved to. They're like well we don't have to. We don't have to get him another gift. Yes we already went once. We already went once. It's he's a greg. We hope it turns out. I won't. I may not make the cut. We'll see we. We might be family. We might not make the. I'll tell you who's not may. Fb before the line. I'll tell you what there's going to be interesting. There's going to be an interesting line in the middle of the jew world order and we know exactly who that lines going around because we never hear from the guy that line goes by the way. It doesn't matter. Because even if i sent that person invitation i'd get no reply all right guys. Let's move right along. Shall we a dip anywhere. You wanna say about paul orndorff. I know you have his l. Jan which means a lot to it. Does i gotta tell you. I was never a huge mr wonderful like personal mark. But i did love his feud with rick. Rude the the body off who had the better body feud I thought that was a lot of fun. and You know. I always respected the fact that he could put on a great match and he's a great guy. Yeah and apparently for all intents and purposes was a great guy and so r i to another another one you know another another great icon who Is an elastic is kind. I mean there's not many left from that generation who are still sort of able bodied and he was and he argued. He always seemed he. He wasn't till about five years ago. I remember seeing a few interviews with him And he got he got old fast. He got old fast. Had dementia and You know it's like There's not that many great ones left from that era Unfortunately who are still out there and doing interviews and you are still visible. So you know mr wonderful and also i. He reached you forget because wrestling was so big. At that time it was exploding. So much you forget how much of a sort of a household name even mr wonderful was. It was a big household name. He's he is you know i'm not going to overstate it. Maybe i will in this. When i'm about to say but in my opinion when you ask your grandfather or your father depending on how old you are like you know. Who did you watch. He he gets in there. It's bruno it's you know hogan and you know i i feel like he's in the conversation he's in the grandfather father number did i would say it's he's further down they'd have to have a little more interest you know. The father had to have watched wrestling a railway right but if less than less than grandfather father i think like a certain age group does like maybe like fifty five like forty to fifty five if you're forty to fifty five and you watched wrestling as a kid like when i when i let me put it this way. What i walked into work the next day ebro was like mr wonderful the piledriver. He and ebro only covered. Hebron new this we and ebro someone who just watched as a little kid you know but he was in that group of people you would definitely remember. But he's andre back lind. He's not no he's on hundred. No andre but i'm saying he's in the conversation. If you watch at that time like you someone like you. I mean he was. He was an on top heel for a long time he was he was he was one of the main heels for those are the guys. I'm naming the top guy. I mean dude it was it was at wrestlemania in wrestlemainia one. He's like you know one of the talk villains so it's a lot he's arguably it's it piper and orton dwarf. It's the three of them. But they're all they're all they're all there at the top oriented little step down from piper nor dwarf Ordinance years before anyway. Whatever it's a. It's a horrible loss. He was made confirmed and it was. You know can't do it with so many so many deaths on.

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