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Right and that is something that we witness every week on these shows in and i think part of you know some of times it's very informative and sometimes people do get off there talking points but a lot of times it it just becomes kind of a familiar sort of exercise does you know when i started doing the program as you were member you guys were just coming in yes and of course you're dealing with the financial collapse and i took very seriously the challenge the my wife gave me which is you need to really digging in on the financial system in this country in the banking system in this country and i had a number of injured of which she she as a very very prominent lawyer former prosecutor in all of that had a pretty indepth now she did and she was a general counsel fannie mae when the government moved in and then resigned wants the government did that uh a funny encounter president bush about all of that when i when i said to him uh i said by way might my wife was a general counsel of fannie mae so thanks for that he said well i know a lot of people over there thought they were doing the right thing here's the problem for your wife mungai hank paulsen didn't agree but but the boy was it in those conversations i really thought we got two we got to something real because there it was an illuminating conversation and there were some cases about that and i rang whether it's politics or the discipline of of going back and forth with you know the the the gatekeepers sometimes the push back was important and sometimes you know there were moments is vesey with with robber gives you know the press secretary who notably i think uh committed news without meaning to end up that's still not the most satisfying when joe biden commits major news on on gay marriage aviator yuille illicited there which which by the way was so interesting because we're we're pretape ing that interview with biden and a terrific producers now at abc chris donovan in we would always prepare six ways from sunday on the question of gay marriage especially with the democrats because we knew this issue is going to break um and on that.

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