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Get their prices up have somebody have the guy from their money right the typical strategies and I with getting the wide receivers that are really really good good price right so it's a good problem to have a very deep at receiver but my running back to pretty shallow though at the receiver of got Keenan Allen Josh Gordon Danny what can well that can't laying down Donte Moncrief golden Tate I'm I'm really thou there and I have healthy is my tight and I feel good about my packagers right might running back are James White and that Rita which obviously that better today than it was yesterday but still those are my back you players at running back the PPR half point I have had to have either yeah yeah yeah I mean to be honest with you I feel like your number two receiver should be better than Josh Gordon I'm optimistic about Gordon but I'm not optimistic he's gonna gonna play sixteen games so you have Kelsey Keenan Allen for you to have white and Brita I'm wondering who your third best player is you know I hope it's not a quarterback as if it's a quarterback that's where I think if you go quarterback and tight end hi end and you go zero RB that's when you could be lacking a little bit but who's your who's your next best well it is it is my home work yeah where the work is if you if you draft Iraqi you can find those guys up three year price is really cheap there that the details on it but I've got killed and got my home coming back at a very very inexpensive price okay yeah I've got in Kelty Keenan Allen I mean I've got them some home run hitters and I'm off the pretty high and then walk in for number written down the field right you got talked about for weeks he can he can do thank you I I I I get I'm up against a break Jim I'm sorry I'm just going to say you know I don't think that team's gonna win but obviously you pick players up be end up with a hand cover some like that guy gets hurt in your your golden but Brita and white in half PP art or full PPR I get behind that but happy BR I don't know I don't I don't think that's good enough personally but as been great said on a podcast zero RB is uncomfortable but you never know how it's gonna work out all right let's take a break and I am fantasy football we're live until midnight eastern got time for your phone calls board might be full now but keep on trying a five five two one two four two two seven stick around.

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