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Was preparing, but they will be proceeding without the two lawyers that led the president's defense throwing the last impeachment. Pat Simple. Oniy, The White House counsel, has barely spoken to the president since the riot on Wednesday. I am told that he has considered resigning. He certainly won't be taking part in the defense and then J. Secular Oh, who has been with the president since the beginning? I am told, has told colleagues that he has no intention of defending him. This time. That means the legal team that would defend him now would be led likely by Rudy Giuliani. And by Alan Dershowitz s impeachment proceedings could begin as soon as tomorrow. A new ABC News Ipsos poll showing 56% of Americans believe President Trump should be removed from office before January. 20th. Apple and Google ban Social media at parlor from their APP stores, saying the company does not do enough to address threats of violence of the APP. Amazon will no longer host the site. Experts say the mostly unmasked crowd at the capital on Wednesday raises the possibility of a coping 19 Super spreader event and that on top of the anticipated post holiday rise in cases, America now stands at more than 22 million confirmed cases with more than 372,000 deaths. ABC, serene Shaw's and hard hit Los Angeles states, shattering covert case records and hospitalizations. Arizona becoming a hot spot again. Now, with the world's highest infection rate per capita state Farm stadium, Turning into a 24 hour vaccines site on Monday, the vaccine rolled out critical. Five people are dead after and apparently random shooting spree at several locations in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois. The suspect is dead after was shot by Evanston Police. You're listening to ABC News. Okay.

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