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Look for number 10 when looking for Jayson Tatum. Instead of his usual number zero Tatum Alana, his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant, and where the same number heated while on the international stage, Tatum said. With this being the first Olympics since we lost him, it holds that much more value. It's not something I take lightly and up three games to one in their best of seven series with a win tonight, the Tampa Bay Lightning would hoist the Stanley Cup for a second straight year, they will host the Montreal Canadians at eight o'clock. Brian Antonelli, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio, socks and Angels Right now top of the eighth over in Anaheim. Right now, the Angels are up 546 43 time for traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's not getting much better on 1 28 Mike. It's the upper end of 1 28 spin a real problem right now on the call. Yeah, 1 28 North is now locked up through Linfield. With a brand new left lane crashed before Salem Street and then delays from walnut straight up into PVT. Crash Up at room One just cleared now 1 28 South is jammed Walnut Street down to Salem Street. That's curiosity because of that first crash and now Route one North is jammed up on the Peabody Danvers line. It's a crash coming in just before Lowell Street, So it's a real problem up in that whole area. Really? All right. So you end the express way much better here coming out of the tunnel. It's slow getting by South Bay. Otherwise, it's pretty good. Right down into Braintree. Rebounds Hung up East Milton not passing Neponset Circle and now a new problem. Downtown crash on the left it up ramp right lane up after the garden..

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