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Anyway, watching Capitol fourth PBS on the Fourth of July. So Sunday night 8 29 in Colorado's Morning news ahead of your newscast. Let's go back outside and see how you're doing on the roads. I imagine it just keeps getting more busy as people start to get away, Dave. Yes, seeing more volume indeed. And we've got that incident over on the West edge that I reported on 10 minutes ago. It's a crash westbound C 4 70 approaching. I 70 Looks like only the right lane and shoulder squeezing by on this, you're backed up well past Alameda Parkway, In fact, about halfway down to Morrison wrote that Whole Hill. It's a hill climb of single digit speeds at best. So we're watching that closely. Fauria. I 70 westbound. If your travel plans taking into the high country, it's clean and green ahead of you from golden up to the tunnel looks good even from the tunnel over the veil. Looks good as well to 70 in both directions in Commerce City, starting to load up fairly thick and I 76 westbound has not been much of an issue with motorists this morning. Usually at this time of the morning, you'd be backed up to about 96. We just see a little bit of slowing now from 74th Avenue over 2 to 70 coming into the tech center from Aurora South, Found 2 to 5 is heavy from the spillway down to about the I 25 interchange from the bedspread. Sports Traffic car, Another water main break in Denver. We're starting here. A lot of these. Lately it has shut down University as they work to fix. 12 inch water. Main University closed between second M sixth. This report, sponsored by Positive coaching alliance got issues with youth or high school sports. Positive coaching alliance can help Pekka, a national nonprofit offers over 1000 free online resources, and those are for youth and high school sports coaches, Parents, students and administrators Learn more at PCH Dev. Zone dot org Dave Hunter Cable News Radio Live everywhere on the I. Heart radio, APP news, Traffic and weather all morning law and check in for the latest updates throughout your busy work day on K Away News radio..

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