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Friends. Cheese. Your favorite movie stars? Molly ringwald. Hold on a second guys. Come on my favorite movie. You know what? My favorite movies. Molly ringwald. Okay. Not in the stained. Correct. But I will say this for full disclosure. I loved Molly ringwald. Okay. Pretty in pink. Molly ringwald for this high schooler. Prescribe was right around. Okay. So there's a little bit of choose not my favorite movie. I mean, come on. All right. We're gonna go to it right now. This is very important for people who are pounding the table for pineapple. You've gotta come? Correct. And you have to represent. Scott and Boise, Idaho beautiful state of Idaho, where Susan, I loved to take our kids. You're on the rich Eisen show. It's up Scott. I'm a big fan yours that catch listened to your for a while now, but I can't stand by and listen to the hate that you're giving to pineapple anymore. What if I ever do to you? It's a fantastic note. Lay report. I love the, I love the salty, the savory pineapple, pepperoni pizza. It's the only way to go. But Scott, I have nothing against pineapple. As a matter of fact, it's it's, I've been told by many doctor end or nutritious. It's great for me and my, my particular blood type, honestly, I love it. I love nothing gets. Dropping it on my pizza. Scott, I can't. I've one question for you. Have you ever been to Brazilian grill? 'cause you your argument was that you didn't like Warren pineapple? You've been to the presumed grill. They bring you the Mesa around. They have that. They have that roasted pineapple with the Browns or blades. It's been.

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