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I like Jennifer gray a lot post-surgery or with the bigger knows I would ask her. Request but could you please have your old nose back? I would like I like the more pronounced knows on her. I thought that was better for her. All good for bills questions lovely. Yeah. Jennifer beals bell. But I'm still leaning toward either. Jennifer garner. Jennifer Aniston, but all the other jennifers, you've mentioned all get points, Jennifer Capriati. Oh, I do like her. But she was big dope. Head. I would have to ask, please not adult pet anymore. Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Jones deal, the actress from thousand years ago. Yes. Yeah, I guess, more than nineteen nineteen jobs for nettles. She's a singer. I don't know who she is Jenny slate pretty funny. I do like Jenny slate. But again, she's a big dope. Head. Did you know that she's a big user of the marijuana, that's not a dealt head? She's a dope head she I just read that she's going to be is in wine country. We're talking Anders album from decider dot com on the regular part of the show. And I think she's involved with all these funny women in the movie wine country. I think Jennifer Flavin ten aflame. Wasn't married to Sylvester Stallone. I think she still is she still is. I think so. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she is. Even Jennifer O'Neill do, like Jennifer O'Neill some reforms to. Did you when that was on the ABC three thirty movie you have to school move that did you did you like? All right. I don't know how I would feel if I was watching this movie. And I was a girl, but as a guy like niches for me, but all my friends, Mike guy friends who would watch it. We would just say that be the best thing in the world. We just thought that was an amazing situation. He found himself in Gary Grimes. Well, it's funny because people don't know let me just say, what the situation was he's on an island. He spends the summer on an island on the east coast and Jennifer Neil is there and she's beautiful. And he does odd jobs for her legitimate, odd jobs. Fixes stuff around her her. Yeah. Handy. Kid, her seasick her see shack. Steve check that just for the cubs. So, so then she finds out sadly that her husband has died in the war, and then she's lonely any. Gary Grimes which, you know, in it. How old were we when that came out in the seventies, right? I think it came out in nineteen sixty nine hundred nineteen seventy. All right. So we were already on, then I thought it was romantic and all in, and then, even as I got older. I'm like, wow. That's, that's kind of a cool story lucky. Her me, you know, me Hermes us key. Right. But then as I had boys. Yeah. I'm like that can't happen. Yeah. I've said this before there were a bunch of movies that were out when we were pre teenagers teenagers in of that era. And when you're a kid, and you watch him you. So great. But as an adult you watch him, they're very cringe-worthy, that is not accept ads not acceptable. Because how old would he have been in that movie like sixteen or seventeen? She was in her late twenties. Oh, neil. How come you don't know the pretty she really was who is Oscar has friend was Jerry Houser? Ascii was Jerry Houser her me was Gary Grimes as you mentioned. There was a third kid with glass. Mulligan was in that movie. We're not not Richard mulligan, Robert Gulligan. He added it looks very much like Richard is director. Robert, okay. Directed it. Maybe here, let me pull it up from nineteen seventy-one, by the way, seventy one director, Robert Mulligan's, he related to Richard because they okay he they look so much alike. Gary Grimes was her me wanted to know how old he was at the time I think his character would have been about sixteen. I think he was probably around there. He wasn't in many other things he was in the Cowboys. The John Wayne movie in one or two other minor movies. But nothing major the Curie Houser was in a thousand things. Was on, we'll get by with. We'll get by that was a sitcom with pulse survey. No. Appall servino. He was sitcom Mira Sorvino to. Oh, I'm Daria. Jerry. Oh, I know him as an adult. Oh, that's right. He does the voice, he still does someone slam. So, yeah. Curly hair. Yeah. Yeah. Kind of Michael Keane. Yes. But not as good looking like a right, like a goofy, like before they perfected, Michael on. They were just kind of put this on the joint board. We'll see how it looks Jerry Houser still here. He does commercials all the time. Still hear his voice on commercials. All right. Somebody says can we stop saying that Angelina Jolie, still Brad Pitt away from Jan? He wasn't a five year old you know, technically that's correct. We have to put as much blame on Brad Pitt his engine Lena, Julie and someone wants to know if you would like Jennifer Coolidge. Oh, she's interesting. Stiffler flers. Mom. She's interesting. But I still think, right. New feel on this. Yes. Yes, it does about now. Yeah. All right. So let's say hypothetically, you won a Jennifer. It could Jennifer Aniston. It could be Jennifer Connelly. It could be horri- love Hewitt's Lopez Hewitt for a while. But Bill back down poster of her in college. She's the one way crossed off first on my list. Guys. Thanks ninety. Eight when can't hardly wait came out. That was that was that was my thing. Thing. Interesting..

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