Clooney, President Trump, John Kelly discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


But i'm watching john kelly general john kelly so he's a fourstar berate he's a tough cookie if he was a teacher mud i wouldn't might have been a gun because i guarantee can use it better than anybody there's no security guard at a higher that's going to handle a gun better than him so if he's a teacher at of other friends of his from the brain of their teaching or other people like that i want them to have a gun well that certainly the kind of thing clooney's stood was doing in the movies when he was sixty seven years old going up against the bad guy was superior firepower and taking out is taking the guy out with his hand gun the president has seen too many clint eastwood movies john kelly is sixty seven years old he has never gone into combat will only handgun or commanded marines in combat armed only with handguns he has only commanded marines and combat who have weapons of war the finest weapons of war like the ar fifteen john kelly would never order or marine and to combat armed with only a handgun john kelly was never trained to go into combat in an american high school where the possible collateral damage included high school students thousands of the and dozens of american high school teachers no marine has ever been trained to do that in no marie rain has ever done it but in donald trump's imagining of mass murder and american school all it takes to stop the shooter is a former marine with a concealable handguns and he seems convinced that former marines and other military veterans have filled american teaching jobs.

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