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Yeah. So. Really? Tweeting house. Oh, really it. Was that much of a row? Yeah. The anti vaccine guy. Oh, you'll add and screenwriter. There you go. That's the winner of Boehner of the day for November twenty seven twenty eighteen. It is now qualified to be Boehner of the week that will be decided by Dave. The flower guy on Friday night about this time. All look, it's the producer of the radio from hell show. Hello, what's up? Two things one please plan to join us tomorrow from six to ten fifty five hundred south State Street in Murray. It's Larry H Miller Chevrolet for the next three. Wednesdays will be out of town. And by out of town. I mean, literally out of this town of Salt Lake City tomorrow we're in Murray next week. We're in Layton on Wednesday, and then the Wednesday after that we're down in American fork, we come to you to make it a little easier. It's a competition between cities really if we want to call it what it is Murray. I mean, you've got your work cut out for you because Utah county via American fork will bring it's a game for sure and Layton doesn't want to be third place. So make sure that for the next three Wednesdays, you know, where we're at you can find all the information of where we're at at ninety six dot com. Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Chevy dealers for what they do. But you can also find it ex-navy six dot com. A list that the road home homeless shelter needs. We mentioned things like socks and cleaned under claimed brand new underwear. Call out to my brethren of the cloth. If you've got suits that don't fit you anymore because you put on a little bit of weight since you got home, you can bring old mission suits or things like that. Women in dresses and skirts for job interview for that kind of stuff diapers for for young kids to the younger or the older younger kids, all that kind of stuff brand new toys. For kids. Yeah, unwrapped. Yeah. Unwrapped toys you can bring those by. And we'll be there from six to ten AM tomorrow at Larry H Miller Chevrolet in Murray. That's fifty five hundred south. I'm gonna go through my coat closet. Inevitably. I ended up wearing like two coats all winter. Posit full of stuff that I don't. And if that can be used by somebody I would like to absolute bring it need to go through my shirts. Yeah. And it's and it's anything so long as it's still usable as far as that goes don't don't think that it can't be used let let them down the road home determine whether or not it could be used. Now. Do you guys want a game that we've been playing in the homestead men game? What do you mean? So we talked to our friend of the program. Jared Phillips last week talks about all the lifetime movies. Don't here in the state of Utah Christmas move. You have any of you guys been watching the Christmas movies on lifetime? No. It is fun because you see Utah Utah to try and figure out where it is. Like, if you know that the film was filmed in Utah. Sure, I saw a j Whitaker in. I think it's called Christmas bells. Jingle Bells jingle. John nice right up on that one in particular, actually, people saying finally, we have African American people in a Christmas movie, and they're not like the best friend or the shopkeeper. It's like a story featuring African American. But when you know that it's filmed here, if it actually is kind of a fun thing that that looks like Springville, maybe that's wait a minute. What range of black people doing in spring? Burgum said he actually Riggins Jay was telling me says this thing was filmed in Brigham city with a black family, and it's supposed to be Ohio. Yeah. Because it couldn't be. No. But like their shots here on the avenue. They did a whole thing in not in that movie. But in another one of the movies right here on three hundred south, and it's and it's fun to watch. The game as you pick it up what just being able to identify it. Okay. Heartwarming there there and there's some love those Chris those highmark lifetime Christmas movies. They love them. I know they do and Bill. Here's the best part about him for you. If you happen to fall asleep. You already know what is going to happen in the moving. So you won't there won't be any love lost for it. And you wake up, and you can also pick up right where the movies at because you're like, oh, this is before she's come back to the to the hometown. And she's still busily involved with her job and hasn't met her high school sweetheart yet that's still to come. You. Don't miss anything. No. But, but as Gina points out, I don't have to walk because I already know what happened is, hey, you don't you know, going that far. You don't need to watch them at all. Exactly. Tennessee. One that building is sort of a challenge like a puzzle. I guess, but but there are so many other things I could sleep through. That's true. Yeah. I should also mention that we don't have alcohol in the homestead men. So this is the kind of thing that we can entertain ourselves. Why? Go. Okay. That's okay. Yeah. You can have you. You have cocoa with it or eggnog or something, you know. We don't go to a crazy. We've we've got the the Curic the pod Curic for both your hot apple cider and you're hot chocolate. Now, you don't have to mix it yourself anymore. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. You are living large, buddy. Live. Pods and it's not just for coffee anymore. And they don't watch rated r movies. So that's why it's hallmark movies and lifetime cocoa. It. Just sounds like so much fun. It is that. Murray. Let's let's let's put on some holiday sweaters, ugly ones. And and watch some holiday movies. Get curic. Why are up the cure might cocoa with a candy cane? Oh, just that's nuts York. Peppermint, Patty, raising that is just crazy. Well, a little York in the bottom one of the Halloween York's right there in the bottom, be careful. The police called on this get together show up for work in the morning. We know what you were doing the name sugar overload. Yeah. Okay. Sounds.

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