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New would've thought he then explained that he is not just a clone of peter parker but maoz warns first attempt at cloning him he explains that he is suffering from the same degeneration factor that plagues warns other cleanse. However even though the track tried to kill him came chart turned out to be much stronger than the real spider man. Managed to escape explains that he vowed watch over peter's life to make sure that it turned out happy in that nobody would ever interfere in. It is why he spent years hunting down. Ben rally later framing him for murder. Explained now Because he's scarred version of peter parker clone. Yoshiki call him a rough draft. That came second suck. It came so this is what i want to say that we got to cover longtime go in and it's hard to get past the blood of canes but The crack of came to i. I feel like there's been so many issues already that depicts both scarlet spider and spiderman together on the cover when they're not fighting side by side in the air and when people are just not buying that pride by the issues of popular but now true i mean maybe they can get away with it by leslie having said that spot amanda any spot eight napa spot before Anyway yeah a but again. It's just free boston's with with covid but yeah. It is disappointing. Because you wanna say take up. But like i dunno. Know you back in the day when this was released. Paypal's speculating about kind. Bang a pit of pocket klein already. I mean it seems obvious now but that's only because we read was a loss vs before which pretty much spelled it out but before that before that was released. Was this a big mystery. That kind i guess like no. You know you didn't know who was talking to of people about this but I mean i know when they revealed like okay kinda makes sense. It wasn't shock. Are like i would like for. Five years then rallied in who cain was on like. Wouldn't you be like what do i cover. Wouldn't you be like why that's exactly. That's salt lake city. S still spiderman refuses the ben rally. Go down for a crime. He did not commit because you know he's going to ruin his life and is willing to reveal his true identity in order to prove him innocent. The wall crawler storms into the courtroom isn't about in is about to remove his mask in front of everyone gathered cain not wishing peter to throw his life away stops him by demanding that he has a confession to make blake towers. Outraged by this interruption. In the man's that the judge have came in spiderman arrested until they can complete the trial however kane isn't fazed by the district attorney's the slammed his head on low in nearby table. He then threatens the snap lake slack naked. They do not listen to him. Cain then admits to the murder of jacob ravens partner and the prove it uses his mark of to burn a handprint into the table that matches the marks left on all of his victims despite this cain refuses to allow himself to be arrested fighting off the police officers on the scene he then decides to make himself ben rallies executioner and lunges at him ready to kill the man he has haunted for years. Yes some traumatic. It was exciting other a really enjoyed it. The economy the two stories the suit the two plots collide in spiderman he's Very lucky or just an absolute genius in in that he brings kinda end by getting put into a corner signed. Look i'm gonna have to reveal my identity. He kind of voices the hand of kite. Gun outlook on all confessed. That is a mazda manipulation. Day or I mean all what it is is that it's it's a show ability. Which is i think. What's mitigating to show how hello good spiderman is but yeah. That was good. I enjoyed it. I think the i sort of echo the same sentiments even try to put myself in the in the place of a reader at the time in it was probably a surprise. I guess can wait one. It's weird. Cain is very protective of sweat around all of a sudden or was when he was his legal counsel in the previous issue but but they could still have a slug fast. I guess comparable power sir. What have you. But it was. The was really the made yet. Sold it from as well law very solid again picking compay. She's probably a lot this one named so far at the top three. What your favorite also up three the for. Yes exactly now just well. Yeah i mean fail the actions. I think it integrated destroys a lot more together. Will it certainly did. And yeah. it's things are starting to kind of Collide okinawa's good yet kind. Looks really good. Law draws a really wicky kind aric industries costume just a lot. More spiky than other audits said law drawn a even as well essay. Him just quickly has Rank close to will rain close which uses against stomach early ron so he can almost lucky portrayed the Close at of his suit. And i think it's the costume because i don't think his body does that like an or clause must be the suit. When did you get. What did he get sick from. Ever said but i started. There was some kind of background thing. I forget where they said. I thought they were supposed to be kind of containment. Suit that keep his. The generation like downright ever really explained that in story. It's just like he shows up. He has a suit keeps degenerate. And so it's so tight. E melt aren't ready for the fine for the last issue closing arguments mu- not only the end of the trial but as the cover tells you at last the one true spiderman revealed guan cain also. I didn't make this joke. At the beginning of the recap of the previous issue but when he's trying to bring all these charges parker when.

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