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Maybe this isn't true either. Correct me if i've heard this on the internet or publicist rights allows you so so that so maybe you were traveling and abigail. You're homeless you know. And juno is banging on the table and you got proud about that which you know. This is a life lesson for other parents. Were not musicians because you thought he's learning with them and it was considered as being anti. Are you sure it's a fair question. That these i mean and then what what. I remember somebody when i was learning to cross country ski in minnesota. Somebody taught me how to keep my pace by singing evan. Working on the railroad. And i think here's the thing. I think a lot of people might think bluegrass music or folk. Music is not my music is not my taste and yet some of this music is woven into our lives in ways that we don't ever don't even reflect on. I don't think me put it this way. Some bluegrass music might not be your taste. But some other bluegrass music might be. And if you just let the name bluegrass repel you because you just heard some bluegrass. You didn't like you'll miss out on a bunch of great music and i think Whenever we decide we don't like a kind of music we're the one that loses because there's always something in every field. That's beautiful that that you would like. Yeah yeah. I like to circle back to china and you. Youtube have also have you got. You've gone to china as well right now back there. I've been there three times in one one time we got to go to tibet together and so was Apparently one of the first american chinese sponsored trips over there which was pretty incredible experience for both of all of us we were with the sparrow court at that time with casey driessen and ben solely and we had a pretty incredible experience over there. Have you also been over there kind of not just taking this music but also collecting their music and doing some road trip. Yeah i've done a number of on almost every trip i've done. I've a tried to collaborate with somebody locally no matter where i ended up and that has led to meeting the most incredible wonderful local musicians all over china. So i feel like. I have gotten to jam and play with weavers tibetans mongolians dong people hun wonderful hon folk music players from all over china and have one really memorable experience. That was of Being in a city and calling ahead and asking for someone to common. This old man showed up backstage. And he had an are who case in our who is a little too stringed-instrument actually but the bogosian between both of the strengths. And it sounds snakeskin covered snakeskin coverage really violent yeah tiny tiny head and sits on your knee and you play it. Sounds like a human voice. Almost it sounds like a human voice determined dying cat to others. It really depends. And he showed up and and He saw me in this wonderful band of musicians that i was there with from america. And he just didn't look at all he. He looked at me and said john. Goran her run. Boone americans and chinese simply cannot play music together. It's two different. And i looked at him and i was like. Oh okay Well would you just play for us then. Funding gay woman timmy. Sherry go neat knee. She wandered jungle gershon. And he pulled out his are whom he started playing this breathtakingly gorgeous melody from tibet. Actually and and the band as we were listening we just started to up our instruments two matches tuning and we just started playing along with him. And you can see this. It was barely there but you can see just the corner of his mouth kinda turn up ever so slightly and that night. We performed that song that we created in that moment for fourteen hundred people in a theater in that town and at the end of the show he came up to me and and he said. Why didn't sean we'll fashion. I don't see i'd tonight. I discovered something butcher may warrant who doran boyhood so you. It's not that americans and chinese can't play music together dude. Sure seen her in the hoods. It's.

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