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Ababa this is east africa's first metro line ethiopia wants to pull its people out of poverty to create jobs and get over its historic image of drought and famine the games arcade is packed weekends by families with money to spend the economies booming but the requestion the ethiopia's human rights record freedom of speech and lack of democracy to the government that comes second to the minister for water irrigation and 'electricity in ethiopia seles uber kelley the damn is also about national pride it's one of the most important flex should project for interior he says sudan and egypt we'll get more water not less it's not a vote control of the final it's really about providing opportunity for us to do reports than was the solution of development because a lot of benefits for downstream countries physican construction on the dam is going on around the clock but it can already control the flow of the river it's impact downstream isn't yet known ethiopia didn't consult with sudan or egypt before starting work during the arab spring and talks between the three countries keep collapsing it's causing serious and dangerous tension in this part of africa our africa correspondent alastair lease at who will be continuing down the nile to saddam and egypt you're listening to abc news stay on the bbc world service lawrence and china with you this morning the relentless bombardment in water is our top story one of the doctors say there has an has been saying that one hundred people die every day in the area that's our top headline sports headlines now chris lobster yes lino messy end buslane a valuable away goal as they drew one one with chelsea at stamford bridge in the first leg of their are 16th champions league tie at the chelsea boss antonio conte says they'll need to achieve something incredible to beat barcelona in the return leg of buying thrashed ten embassy test five mill in the night's other gang had pulp held by has been named in the manchester united squad for their champions league match against via in spain tonight the french midfield that missed.

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