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So yeah we should have multiple categories within the sub the the main category of ip makes sense as know we're looking at the the entire craft beer market as a whole right through the macro lens i mean as our so giant i mean all of the other beer styles combined make up roughly the market for solely i mean that's that's pretty crazy to think about i mean so you know most of the beer sold in the united states most the craft beer sold in the united states is going to be an ip and then they kind of pigeonhole that kind of tiny parameters you know it's it's just too too vast too broad to even consider doing that i think getting more here so the the details in on the availability of of this beer working folks get home it's gonna be around all right this i called galactic descent and this is a beer in a series that we have called intelligent design so this is actually designed by one of our brewers robbie intelligent design is a program where brewers kind of in order of tenure come up with thrilling recipe it's kind of a cool moment for jerry because we can work with our bruce not just felt recipe but work on the naming the branding of it work on how we actually cost beers oh look at the price of ingredients source ingredients all the way up to the release of the beers so it's kind of cool learning experience obviously on the flip side they get to make a beer with cooperation of jared so the beer hall only series did thirty barrels of wind up with a roughly fifty some cakes so the only way to get at this point is to come down to a beer hall and try it so hazy galaxies the main hop in there as the name would.

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