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Boston at 3 30. Good Friday afternoon. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. President Trump says Won't attend President elect Joe Biden's inauguration January 20th today, Baden said. That decision is a good thing. Meantime, lawmakers are continuing to urge the president to be removed from office after the violence of the U. S Capital on Wednesday. We get more now in a special report from ABC Democrats are waiting in teaching President Trump for his role they say leading up to and after a mob of Trump supporters Storm the U. S CAPITAL today. President elect Joe Biden at an economic press briefing, says impeachment is up to Congress but says all who are involved should be held accountable damage done to our reputation. Around the world. My pressure United States encouraging a mob The president, meantime, announcing by tweet that he won't attend Biden's inauguration president for weeks had not answered questions about his presence at the event of the U. S. Capitol. Outgoing presidents even those who lose reelection attend this event, which symbolizes the transfer of power between administrations. The president in a video posted on Twitter yesterday came as close to conceding as he has since Election Day. Congress has certified the results and new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th. But President Trump did not explicitly acknowledge Joe Biden or his Victory and did not say he lost. ABC is Karen Travers. Some Michelle Franzen ABC News 3 31 following the breaches of the U. S Capital on Wednesday, I'll speak of Nancy Pelosi said the incident was a failure of leadership of top of Capitol police. I believe we spoke with a security expert and former FBI agent about what went wrong. More preparation. More deterrence could have definitely met this attack on the streets rather than the hallways of Congress. The managing director of Kroll Security's New York office, Tim Gallagher, says he's shocked there weren't national Guard members and police in riot gear, forming a perimeter outside the Capitol building. Before the protest. Gallagher knows Capitol police well because he served his director of the FBI's D. C field office from 14 2002. 20,016 and worked two inaugurations and other events with Capitol police. Obviously there was a breakdown and fuse. The planter's These folks were involved. As I said, I've worked too small and they should have been more of a presence. Deterrent presence, at least at the statue is not further out from the building itself. Kim Tana Cliffs, WBZ Boston's news radio, Capitol police, the chief there. Steven son has since resigned over criticism of his forces response. Through the breach. A man photographed sitting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is office during those riots is now in custody. The Justice Department says Richard Barnett of Arkansas, was arrested in his home state is facing charges of entering and remaining on restricted grounds. Violent entry and theft of public property. Bardic was seen in viral photos sitting casually was his foot up on a desk inside that office. Later we told the New York Times reporter he took a personalized envelope but claims he did not steal it because he left a quarter behind to cover the cost. 3 33 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Got some troubles in well, most directions Now, Mike Yeah, that's right. Ben wasn't supposed to be this way. But the expressways in real trouble here North bound is just solid from massive. Up to a left wing crashed just inside the tunnel. Now behind this. We've got the usual rush hour delays here. East Milton passing upon sits circles. So I've got at least 40 minutes. Braintree to Boston. Now, a south bound delays coming out of the tunnel. Most of the way to granted. Have And then shortly after Bryant have down to the split. Yeah, that doesn't leave you much room. Mary there Well elsewhere the lower end 1 20 eights, Okay, but really tough here on 95 South. Coming off 93 down past Neponset Street. That's pretty typical. We can blame the setting sun for that up to the North. Delays here on 93 North Assembly Square up to Medford. That backup was triggered by an earlier crash up by Mont Fail. Laugh All the Emperor and the 1 20 eights. Okay, Rupe, ones off to a pretty good start Delays here Route 99 south, starting before the casino in Everett. Over that drawbridge That brings you into Sullivan Square. Tougher than usual. They're coming in that way. Downtown Storrow Drive east is backed up a little bit coming into Lefferts Circle delivered up ramp is slow. It typically is. The lower deck of 93 isn't bad. The Tobin Bridge looks good to me and all the airport tunnels are off to a pretty good start My king WBC's traffic.

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