Joey Votto, Jeff Car, $225 Million discussed on Scott Sloan


And enjoy life. Tyler in a Quinn already our skyline, chili feeling good player of the game. He's been a nice addition to this club. Now a call or Spoke to tonight's producer Jeff Car, wanting to know a little bit Maura about Albert Pool holes in the time the Reds almost signed him. Well, it's the most popular it was just a Very, very popular rumor that Walt Jocketty, former Reds general manager denies happening. What What else could he do? Knowing the history his history with ST Louis and Albert Pool halls. Popular rumor was that that big money what $225 million was earmarked for pool halls and when he signed with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim The Reds had to go ahead, went ahead and gave the money to Joey Votto, so we'll probably never know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That is the popular rumor. So Wow. History could have been rewritten. If they would have brought in the three time Nationally. GAM VP So But it aged 41. He's basically finished. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer. No way to the Red sign Albert pool halls. No. No, no and no..

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