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Worked because everyone's like, should he get out of the bathroom? They just would break it. Just I ran on stage for the starland vocal band, naked. Streaker? I was like, I was 9, but I still felt that when I said when skyrockets and flight came on, I had to I didn't understand the meaning but I knew it meant get me again. But I will say like at least 600 baby. So I will probably apologize. But this was just recording from college and I was operating. On a morning show, it was my first job and broadcast I rolled the teleprompter. This is my so this is where I was in life. I had a degree and I was making 9 bucks an hour. So that's my excuse. I had room. Nancy was still because we should about that. I can not. I had Rupert Holmes. My boobs in the second verse of Margaret of pina colada song. So I know what you're feeling. Oh my God, you guys. No, I didn't. You put out afterwards too. No. You know, at least you weren't just sitting there like looking at your phones during the show. Or like looking at the show as if it were a television show. That's so cool. A screen up there somewhere, you know? Like when you looked at you see people that just do you ever a lot of people want to want to record the show while the show is happening so they can see it while it's happening through their I actually just can't. I was like, hey, here's a tip, put your phone down and enjoy the concert. Yeah, because I was cool. I won't get videos from people. You know? It's like you could just enjoy it. Yeah, I'm like, it doesn't even look like it just when you be there. Or close to the front row. It's like, so everybody behind you has to look at your phone? It's a little bit like that. The phone is like the cigarette lighter. I know. When they show that up, I'm just it's a phone, put it in your pocket. Remember it with your mind, you know? I remember imprinted. Stupidly interrupting you. You are your phone. Yeah, no, I was full blown. When you had your phone, you missed her do the power kick. Because you were doing the power. With them. I'm gonna get this power kick because I was so excited and then I kicked and all so you mentioned you're in a new band. I have a new band. And you have, do you have a record dropping or has it dropped? There are record has dropped. Tell me. Last year actually called first things first. The bear name, the bear name is road case royal. With an E. Are you touring with it? We toured last year with opening for Bob Seger. As I mentioned, and he was such a good we're doing some shows around town. We'll be at the canyon club. This early December we're free. You're on the list. We'll be high 5 in there. We will. And any plans for heart tutoring? Well, there's a big old offer upon the table from live nation right now. Oh, really? We're talking. We're trying to pound out the details. So next summer next summer. It looks really promising. Will it just be y'all just heart? It would be hard. Me and my sister and whichever whoever is in that bed, we're trying to figure out right now. We are. Good. A 100%. We probably start in the spring, late spring and go in. Will it be summer? Probably like 50 dates. Oh my God. U.S.? U.S.. Okay. I'd like to do that too. So we haven't done that for ages. Before, before we if you ever have like a comedian opener. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Carrot Top is a pretty jam just. Crops. He's jacked. I know he starts he sings their songs in the middle. His name is Scott, by the way. I know. I met him too. Hey, I'm Scott. I was like, no, you're not your hair top. She's that redhead from Vegas. Yes, yes. Exactly. You can see him in the every elevator you ever see. I know. It's so funny. Oh, I got off the stage. At the mirage, and I sat down on the side of the stage, I just finished my I was open for Nick Swartz and I'm sitting there. I just lean up next to me and he's like, hey, I'm Scott. And I'm like, okay, Carrot Top. All right. You're not Scott. It's not your Christian name. No, I was out with a friend, his mom died, and he was like, oh, I just want to go out and so we went to ago on that restaurant. And we're there. And he is mid cry. He's very close to his mom. He's the only child and Carrot Top walks in. And he's like, and it's like, and I just basically took this day couldn't get me. No, and he said, no, he walks in behind my friend. And he's like, I remember he was saying like, and the worst part of it all is I never got to. And he's like, Danny, I'm talking to you, and I said, I know you're bearing your heart right now. But Carrot Top is right behind you. And then and then he turned around and he goes, that's about the only acceptable excuse you could get because I think if you told me you had cancer right now and a Carrot Top was behind you, I would stop listening and look at it. Just be like, okay. Okay, I'm gonna ask this because I feel like I feel like I feel like we have similar tastes of music. What are the bands I should? Thank you. Well, because Nancy Wilson yes, I do. I feel like we like a lot of the same stuff. You guys are what do you have? Oh, we're both blond. Big deal. Yeah. And we both do power kicks. Yeah, yeah. Simultaneously. We like dogs. Not an attractive side of Jenny. I mean honestly, this is why it's always better. Oh, that's better. Oh, she's yeah. Can you just show me your boobs? What are the bands I should be listening to now? Nowadays? Yes. That you. What are the bands that make you I really am into right now I'm really into the Jim James. I don't know that. Stuff, he was the singer from my morning jacket. Oh, really? Yeah. I know them. And one of the women came across Cameron Crowe's films called Elizabethtown, featured a lot of those guys from the band. In the movie. But great guys, they're all from Kentucky. But Jim James has a bunch of soul stuff right now. My morning jacket albums are amazing. Yeah. They're always a great live band, and I saw him many times put Jim James's soul stuff. He's does a lot of stuff with Eric about you. Oh really? I love her. So Texas gal. Shrimp did I'm into and I really liked war on drugs. The band called the war on drill. The war on drugs. He's a fan of that actually. So if I'm gonna think about war on drug job, which I'll do right after we I mean, download. Which one should I get? Well, I have them on my Pandora, so I'll be sure. I'm gonna look for there by the top. But they've just got some amazingly cool songs. Really sort of atmospheric. Oh really? Melodic. Oh cool. I lonesome, canister. Oh, I love it. Yeah. Who would you say? Do you have a favorite band besides heart? A favorite band? Yeah, do you have a favorite musician? Do you have like a favorite? Is there someone that's like, you're like, do you like who I emulate? Yeah. Well, it's guys, mainly. Yeah. It's, you know, Jimmy Page. Of course. You stare at it. I'm rock and roll. Ann's version of rock and roll. Yes. Are you guys? Really fun. And Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and Paul Simon. Yeah. Neil Young. Really how is the greatest? Some.

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