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That you're part of and that was the end the both of them not with the probowl matt or work at the only way i could explain for my couldn't see neither one of them because i couldn't go out with them because it no liar who got from that day i couldn't be seem like ordered no out during the regular hours so why don't understand but when i asked you is that both of them find out you would dating someone else and dump you that day word of course one of the girls are one hour later at night imact my ponding about eleven o'clock at night yazar girl i obviously with a little suspicious yukon for my ponding were in the doorbell naga the other girl in their house and the other girl out five it thought results with my edwards fall through the next year but you're not married it's not let you a married in cheating on your wife you would dating girls didn't they know you would out playing the field why are neither one of those girls will add another girlfriend i mean dave charts so basically you're making them feel like they were the special one who in a way that put they've brick of guys have to do that no matter what i mean i didn't like i did everything to a cheap i i fit textbook are girls were hatched up on valentine's day send today job both of them i had stopped flouted in candy today jobs right i a tax them a message is up they they love that that is our rights of both of them found out and dumped jusen that was that was that and since then you met someone or not well now married now five you now yeah i'm just telling the story not safe i'm going to be taken my understands a funny story but i hope you straight with your wife right you're not giving other business i of course not i would i would never chair you know what mike lacoss mike is if i have to do something like that i might get married you know i'm going to be loyal girl you read the right grow your dumb if you're not what loyalty that's beautiful she that at first we would have thought you were.

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