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How Russell Wilson's deal might impact. Other quarterbacks around the league Spain and Fitz. He can cure enough ales to pay him all sorts of money all sorts of money in some of it just for signing on the dotted line sixty five million dollars signing bonus for Russell Wilson. Four years one hundred forty million dollar extension coming off that deadline that he gave the Seahawks and Schefter essentially saying there wasn't a team out there that really had the means to give up enough to trade for him first. And then have the money to pay what he was expecting to make now this tops Aaron Rodgers contract as the richest ever with. A new money annual average of thirty five million per season his signing bonus. Also, a record with that sixty five million includes a no trade clause and the the video that he revealed to the public of about forty five minutes after the deadline. Let everyone know the deal was done and it sounded like this. Yeah. We gotta deal. Almost the more. Go to go to sleep. All right. So maybe we added the Barry white, but I it was asking for it. And the and the and the voice several octaves lower with the gravel that was all him. It's being fit sarahspain Jason Garfield in for Fitz on ESPN radio. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts. So we got the contract we got the video telling us we got a deal. What does this mean for other deals? I think this is an outsized deal. Obviously, we talk about it. When you've got that kind of quarterback, and you want a guy puts an ultimate him out there. And you have to kind of you know, bow to it. That tells you that Russell Wilson one this deal. Now is Russell Wilson. The best quarterback in the game. I probably get maybe five guys that are ahead of them. But what this contract does. I think here is puts a lot of guys who are up from really really big money. And now, maybe even bigger money. A lot of owners are gonna be put in a bind because I think the Andy Dalton case for me. As a fan where you've got sign a guy because he's a starting quarterback. And he's had some modicum of success, but he may be your limiting factor..

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