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Can find it on our website radio dot com or anywhere else you get your podcasts meantime CBS news correspondent Seth Doane in Rome told R. Wayne cabin Palmer name this morning the United States should use Italy as a warning we are in really what is the total lockdown in the beginning it felt a little bit like locked down like that first day they still allowed restaurants and bars to be open coffee shops and such till six PM there were the retail stores open in the very beginning and it was real pressure for the government government ended up closing all retail stores open now are only basic essentials former sees grocery stores some day basic transportation if you need a plumber you could call a plumber but you are obviously not supposed to be out on the street if you are out on the street you need a piece of paper with you explaining what you're doing since I personally have had some exposure to people who tested positive for Kobe nineteen the I'm following the W. H. O. protocols which is what which is exactly what everyone in Italy has to do who spend that potentially exposed to which is to stay in the house under mandatory quarantine for fourteen days I can't even take out the trash not even the trash eager doorstep you know not even address your doorstep so I think that if I could look back at the beginning here before you just wish that you had kind of a lessened exposure to all that stuff you keep hearing washing hands keeping a safe distance and security distance of a meter or three feet it is vital that the only way this thing is going to stop spreading as CBS news correspondent Seth Doane on the V. CBS this morning from Rome Italy W. CBS news time ten eighteen traffic and weather together on the H. heading over to the traffic center and Jim Feldman and we've got some flooding on the B. Q. E. in Brooklyn Linda both on the northbound side some flooding by Union Street and some more flooding by cabin plaza city take it easy we do see those delays back on the line it's almost back to fort Hamilton parkway and now the southbound B. Q. E. there's a crash by Atlantic Avenue the sports sponsored by Stony Brook medicine that crashing queens of the belt parkway by cross bay Boulevard that's been cleared delays they'll continue beyond that getting.

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