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Author includes classic Dungeon Refreshers Round round. Get around. I Get around. Yeah. Alrighty. Welcome back to bumper to bumper radio. We're gonna wrap this thing up pretty quick for day. Thanks for joining us. Remember every single Saturday. We're here to help you from 11 to noon. Let's see. I did get a text message, but I think the answer is no 2000 won Chevy Tahoe. I don't convert my clutch fan into Electric fans. Is that a good idea? It's a great idea, but it's not practical. It's just I don't think who championed eyes just lit up a little bit dicey. There you think is under never the way I we get that in a lot. So you I get a lot of get that a lot of some of the diesels. There's a lot of they have a preconceived notion that the the electric fan clutches and as efficient as Emanuel Fan Club, kind of remember the seven threes. People with six others want to put the 73 fan clutch in there because they can hear That fan club chicken inside because I hear it means it's working better where the electric fan clutches are actually so efficient And you're also not wasting your power and stuff well, and I think in this case now I know your time on the four like this expedition that we have. This instrument may see probably that's got an electric fan clutch, but he I think what he's talking about. He wants to get rid of his belt driven fan and go to say like a 2020 Chevy Truck, or Tahoe has Electric fans, and it's It's a great idea in theory, But that computer system is not set up to control those fans because that the PCM on that on that vehicle is controlling win. That radio fan is coming on and off, based off air conditioned head pressure based on whether air conditions even on based off the coolant temperature sensor, so you don't have all the outputs necessary or the computer controls. Built into that 2001 Tahoe to handle putting on those cooling fans. Now, if you want to put on the exhilarate cooling fan with the thermostat to help out, maybe you're towing something. The fan clutches locking up in Robin power going up the hill, right? Maybe it's a good idea to add us an electric fan to assist so That's your text message Answer for today, and now we're gonna go first. Ringo, Robert, We're gonna go. Robert J. D Mich and Steve. So Robert and Avondale 2016. Hyundai Tucson. How can we help you today? Yes. Hi. Thank you for taking my call. You're welcome. I have a I have a question. Every time I turn on the car now I'm getting the turkey noise coming from the engine and I was thinking it was just the serpentine belt. Um, you know, getting loose, says it was getting older, and somebody told me that they have an auto tension or something Another, so it's probably not the belt and I'm just trying to figure out what your thoughts are. And is there anything I can do about this? And if it is one of the police or something? How do I know that? That What's believe couple things. So how many miles are in this vehicle? 328,000 sell what I would do And are you planning to keep this car? That's a lot of miles. You're putting a lot of, but time in that seat. But you're gonna have your probably hang onto it for a while. So if that is me, I'm going to. Well. First, I'll answer your question about how you tell, but the quick answer is I would service that as a system. There is the belt. There's a belt tension ER, and there's a belt idol er and you have far exceeded the life expectancy of all those components. And I would argue that they owe you nothing. So I would not depend on them giving you anything for very much longer, So OK, so I would reply would just replace the tension of the ID or the belt all in one, and you know a lot of shops. They have this pet gates, For example, it's packaged as a kid because that's the right way to service that so Um, but you want to make sure that's the noise, too. So if that comes into my shop for one year shops, we want to hear it first. And if we can duplicate it, then what we might do. It just popped the belt off to start the car. The noise is gone Well, we know it's something related to the belt, and then you just go spin each one of those Poli's separately. You know, one of the ID or the attention. It was funny is, people think ofit spins, and it just keeps going and going and going. Let's bad action. That means it's dry. There's no lubricant on those sealed bearings. You want that thing to spin, not make any noise and not spin. I mean, you take a brand new one and give it a spin. It doesn't go a couple rotation's right now. Like, Yeah. You got the grease in there and stuff. Yeah, it just barely goes an old one. You spend that thing and come back and 15 seconds is still going like that zoo bad. It's like drag cars right before the motor blows up the car, but the fastest down the street. Yeah, it was all loosened up and broken in by then. So You know that? That's one thing to consider If your car's got You know it. Belson Hoses aren't like that. You know, Tim and I talked to a couple weeks ago about belts and hoses. Hoses. If someone's just recommend, you know your car's got 100,000 miles on, you ought to replace the hoses. That's bad news. That's that's old thinking the same thing with the belt the belt, you know, you kind of look at them like around 80,000 Miles, But it's not a visual inspection. You've gotta measure them because they're like tires. They wear out. They don't crack like the old belts used to. Also, it also could be as we get a lot of squeaks on belts when the belts I don't say the word fine At that point, you know something does but it could be contamination for something else. Yeah, sure. You could have a cool it dripping on it and cool contaminated at one spot when it hits him a load and squeaks s so you could have a fluid leak too well, and we and working on a lot of euro cars and stuff at my import shop. We get a lot of people come in, and they say my squeals in the morning and they have already been to two other shops and they've warranting the belt twice. They put on new tensions and new tension. Ear's and they've put on three belts and they can't figure it out. Well, it's the crankcase ventilation system. Failing is not the belt squealing that things have so much vacuum and starts up. It's whistling because it's sucking air past the front. Great steel, So it's just there. It's again. It's not your father's Oldsmobile anymore. So let's see if I got these things in order. I did, Steve and now we're going with Mitch. Sorry, Steve. That was just a tease. Mitch, England Till 2006 Camera. How could he help with your car today? Yeah. Thanks for taking my call. For sure. Yes. So I've got this. The cameras got 249,000 miles on. It's been a great car. It's a Said. The water pump and serpentine belt thermostat replaced and but I brought it home and I drove it a little bit. You know, One day I think was last weekend and then the went to start the car in front of the house. And it wouldn't it wouldn't start right on. The key turned the key all the way, And it was just nothing. No, no battery, clicking or anything, And I thought it's not immediate was the batteries, But I checked the posts on the battery was putting out like 13.1 bolts or something. And then so But then, I You know it sat there for a few out. Well, actually, the next day I went out and then it started right. It worked. And so I'm going to graze and intermittent problem and, um, so anyway, I drove it to the gym a couple days later, which was, thankfully just a few blocks away. Over there when he worked out came back out, wouldn't start again doing the same thing. So I don't know what the deal is. Whether it's zob Vesely some kind of electrical issue to the starter. So I'm thinking but like some expertise and beyond that vehicle that age There's any kind of patterns or things. You guys have seen. Well, not necessarily patterns. What is that? A four cylinder and Eleanor? Is that the V six it? No, it's before. Well, the nice thing on that one. Mitch, it sounds to me like you've got some mechanical ability just by by talking to your some knowledge there that starter When you open up that force owner cameras staring, you're right smack in the face, so right there and what I would do if you could get to recreate that. No start condition. This is the old toe truck. Trick is.

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