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It's coyotes who I think is 12 to one on the morning line, but over the last couple of days, I continue to run into people that like this horse, so we might be looking at more like 6 to 8 to one type, but always been keeping an eye on this Florida bread with purchase for 385,000 at the OBS April sale last year by some shrewd shrewd folks. Sharita Bowe has this horse debuted at Saratoga took a lot of money into the teens of champions dream who won that day for pletcher, stalked early entire late, and then was given some time. And just have really been following this horse, came back on January 21st on a undercard. And everything went wrong for a young horse that day was green, didn't get out of Gates well with wide on the backstretch and absolutely still dominated that field. And with hammered at the windows, went off at three to 5, it wasn't even close to that in the morning line. And then much more professional on the risen star undercard allowance event won by dennington, where I thought coyote was clearly better than Dennis, who just got the perfect trip that day, not to take anything away from the Kennedy peak trainee. But this horse was much closer to the pace, broke well from the inside, relaxed along the rail a little bit backed off a little and made a run, looked like he was going to win. Third start of the forum cycle, now Mike, I think he's got the tactical speed to sit where we want to. A lot of these Derby prep races thus far have been won by horses from well off the pace, there's been a number of collapses and it's kind of led to potentially some fields maybe where we don't see a lot of speed on paper in these final preps. So I don't want to be gambling on horses that I think will be too far out of it. I think kiosk will be in that second tier and I think he's got a big chance to stamp himself as a legitimate Kentucky Derby horse. Hopefully you can get to the wire first. Yeah, co must be highly regarded because it was on February 18th that he last ran, and that was the day that your colleague, Joe Christopher, join me for the same segment and he picked co that day. Chaos ended up being second by a neck. That was the day that Joe went two for three. He had angel empire upsetting the risen star on that same program, maybe kiosk gets the money later today in the Louisiana Derby and that would be the top pick from Scott Shapiro and you can go to twins fires dot com to bet all of these selections that he's giving you on the twins fires triple play this morning. Give me another horse or two that folks can look at and use with co show in here. Cool. Instant coffee is the two to one morning line favorite. Clearly going to be the prohibitive favorite one would suspect hasn't raced since the lecom. So he comes in fresh for Brad Cox, who's got three in this spot. A little bit concerned about the lack of speed, but that's really the only knock I can have on this bolt to oral coat because he's rattled off three or four victories in the loss was in the breeders futurity where he finished fourth to forte and logins and red route one who all ran really big that day. Definitely have to use him. I think kings Barnes is a used a little bit of a wildcard shipping in Florida for Todd Fletcher, likely to be the second choice in my opinion and likely to be prominent early in a race that like we said doesn't have a lot of speed, big step up in class though from the race that he comes out of the Tampa. So maybe you're going to get a little bit over bet. And then the other wildcard I would use is number 5 disarm. Tells me a lot that Steve asthma sends this horse to the Louisiana Derby to buy on three sixteenths. He's only raced once at one two turns and that was a short stretch mile at Oakland on February 19th when he was beaten soundly by a legitimate horse in two eagles river. I just get the sense. I know they've always liked this horse and I just don't think Steve would throw him to the wolves basically in this spot. If he didn't think he deserved a shot to get into The Kentucky Derby in a shot at this $1 million per so I'm not going to let this R and beat me at what I expect to be probably similar price to what coyote goes off. Scott fantastic analysis of those three races are recap quickly while I have you on the line here in race 7 at the fairgrounds today. You'll go in number ten new beat at 15 to one, race 11, one south lawn, the pull off the 8 to one morning line upset, and a race 12, the Louisiana Derby number 7 coyote at 12 to one on the morning line three. Three value plays. And folks can play them any way they want to play them and we encourage them to do that at twins dot com, which I'm sure is going to have plenty of special offers later today. Yeah, a lot of good offers, a couple of pick 5 hit and split its both the big Bayou bluegrass, take 5 as well as the all states pick 5 at fairgrounds, 5000 extra dollars up for grabs, plenty of other good stuff on the offers tab and yeah, this should be a really fun day. Really looking forward to it, Mike, and always great chatting with you. Yeah, enjoy the day, Scott, good luck at the windows and we will definitely be talking again soon. Sounds good, sir. You have a good one. All right, Scott Shapiro with this week's twin spires. Triple play. Up next, Kurt Becker takes you on his weekly stroll through racing history and a ten 30 del Romans and Tim wilkin are both back here for this week's edition of I ask they answer plenty more to come on the equine forum, presented by twin spires on H.

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