Islanders, Gansel, Ford discussed on Nets vs. Thunder in Mexico City


The way back to islander rice nd now believe apparently coming up here to the penguins so looks like ait will be the fourth power play the game wore the islanders let's get the call here at vedeno ju er fifty nine two minutes so they get cancel on theand the third powerfully the period forty york cancel slashing at a poet stick and that was the elders the folks it's almost two hundred feet for roma the penguins net very unnecessary play there from gansel actually took wax at palic good occult to slashing miners there because the second whacked actually came after the referees arm was up in the air but was still recall the waterdowners really like to get something done on the powerful here they had one shot on their last opportunity netted at five shots total on the three powerplay chances thus far pittsburgh win the defensive zone draw and haggling sends at all the way down for the islanders lady will start from behind his own net first unit out there in tak his nick hooks around the goal comes up the middle of the left wing here plays given go at center carries it over the pittsburgh strife but he still in a half ford's swings in around the kick play far side near leaf feeds florizell at right point now hits led it left point nick top of the circle winds save jerry through leaping screen of anders on the doors that and then he's able to cover the rebound and of course there is ambrose lee on his back at the end of the play four and a half ago in the second were tied at one hundred twenty eight seconds into this power for the price jubilant comes right into the crease in sanders lead down after the whistle of anders right on top of jari although he didn't make any contact their it's actually dangerous for jari because could have easily pushed anders right into the debt mitre well after the whistle was blown but of course they just want to keep them away and let them know he can't do that the bears wins the ensuing faceoff fairly up a right that curls to the corner kicks it out to let it right point uplift circle cars a one time are and jerry walker did away bars l picked it backup skate it the.

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