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So. So here's the thing I have this long running theory. That pro wrestlers can only had like in america can have daughters. I like of this generation like the eighties and stuff they had. They had sons but for some reason like triple ages generation in forward only daughters. nobody has any. No one has any sons. There's not going to be another generation of male wrestlers based off the stars of this generation. What he'd done nope. Chopper had a girl chop atta girl to. I'm not just sitting here going. Like what wrestlers have babies. The kid the became a wrestling his daughter his daughter. Yeah doesn't have any kids. This episode will and welcome brienne. Daniel bryan second child is a boy. Transgenders going to become a environmentalist tippy. He's not going to become a wrestler that prob- good charities gonna become a technical spectacle and he's gonna start ripping arms off people. You know that's how it's going to go down alternately. It's wrestling name. It's perfectly fine for that child to grow up. Transgender to prove dylan's point that is a very likely thing that may happen. It's okay blake. Where can people find you on the internet data on twitter. You can find the dark room video on youtube and you can find me here on the network doing bs network things and talking about wrestling so but a so much. You could find me on twitter at scotty. Mo- scott wii ammo and check out. All the other podcasts including the mini adventures of sammy magic. Which hopefully one and audio verse award. I don't know if.

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