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Start to our Friday isolated showers through the coast speech then mostly sunny the high danger. Ninety the rage has twenty percent Saturday partly to mostly cloudy skies a forty percent chance for scattered showers Saturday a. Few in, megacity, storms Sunday cloudy three ATS fifty percent for scattered showers store Well we, had, on the air just a few days ago you might, remember we've, had him on, before unfortunately, use it when something bad. Happens in music we should bring in Howard Kremer one day. From the rock, and Roll Hall of fame when like just random Tuesday, he actually texted me, and he said he's like hey let's let's have me on a regular weekday for. Just you know just to talk we got it's probably a good idea the. First time we, met him that's producer Ricky over there by the way first time we met him was when Tom petty died and I was like I will tell, you this Howard. Was the guy that walk me off the, ledge I was severely depressed, for a few days, after not having a good time. It was terrible. But he kind of maybe feel better about that because, he put him in perspective and we had when we heard that Aretha. Franklin was in really really. Bad shape, and obviously she passed yesterday bless her soul We, talked to Howard. Because he had a personal, relationship with her Because he was at the. Rock and Roll Hall of fame for years and years and years. So this was one of the little factoid z. shared with us I had no idea about we're all learning this stuff. Now didn't like to fly Schumer Mowatt in. Terms of the health she had as many. People don't debilitating, flying so she didn't travel very far for theory one time I it's. Kind of stage fright for long because she really did perform live And. Then you did anybody knows she had stage. Fright too I mean you you wouldn't think. It are you'd, never a dominating presence like that anyway he goes on to the class The person. Who's actually the class with her To learn how to be afraid of flying She's, still, avoided airplanes she? Preferred the weird. World hey how's your day they're always. Wild I took this fear of flying class I. Was sitting next to a wreath of Franklin she was my project. Partner is she was shaking, the, whole time people would be like shutout Fred what, are, you talking about your high again anyway obviously Aretha. Franklin will always be known for her voice here's what Howard Kremer from rock and Roll Hall of fame said about that.

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