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I know a lot of musicians since I was a kid and I love music right and I was on Spotify all the time. I think when you look at the difference of the culture of the sounds, like the art itself and the content itself, it's different. It's a counterculture within its counterculture already because it's like the under August of the new system. It's like, it's the new business model. It's the next generation of artists, the independents. But the sounds, the content that's coming out is also new, different. Cooler, the counterculture, right? Listen to Daniel Allen with Rio, gorgeous, right, listening to what real just dropped the frameworks and what Daniel did with glass house. Listen to Natasha out there. Listen to bloody white. The sounds they're making. Oh, this is that person over here. It's completely new sounds. It's completely new genres like the content because it's like it's such a new generation and the creative freedom. It's because of the way it works, they don't have to enter the existing system and be influenced by whatever agency. It's the full creative control. It's the full control of your content. It's the ownership. It's the upstream, that kind of not worrying about the upstream distribution and letting it come to you and it is changing the culture of the content we create and they can feel be more freely. Some of my favorite tweets are things that are like, I would never have created and put that to me that song out and it's my favorite song and I love it and I don't think I ever would have gotten to get to that point to make that song or do that if I didn't if I wasn't focusing on music NFTs. It's enabling is enabling an even better culture and environment to create it, which is like making the sounds and the content even better. What's up guys, thank you for listening. If you've gotten this far,

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