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Tommy john dot com slash adam for up to twenty five dollars off. Tommy john dot com slash atom z site for details. Use them definitely. So it's funny. I really want to hear about this day. I know you don't think it's like you. You and christie intesa are kind of like little traveling band like you've never not together. That's hilarious okay. This is completely shut up already. So you remember how you were describing hollywood forever and movies and the cemetery and explain how my nightmare i would never. I don't even wanna try it. It sounds awful. I would never try it and christie comes to no a friend comes to us like. Hey there's this thing. Oh what's it called. i should of written it down. It's a hollywood. It's an la treasure hunt. It's like a scavenger hunt behind kind of thing clues and you work as a team but like all over. La and find these clues and there's on hiking trails and it's on here. That is fucking awful. I will now participate. Sounds like errands not doing that. I hate and so christi. Four of our friends did it. I stayed with tessa ho. I babysat for the day on saturday. I'll wait this is for adults. Yeah exactly. I thought you. Were doing this foretell ritter. Adult childless friends of ours. Let's go do this and million years forcing me to go on your errands for fun. It was never happen. That in escape rooms. I don't understand. I'll never participate. Can i tell you the the highlight of my. I was going to say weekend. Then i was gonna say week so far. It's my year was when christie texted me with for help with clues for the scavenger hunt because rentals them in thirty self. Course you did. It was the best part of my day. They would need you but there's literally no. I never do that. So what did you do instead. So i said so zone i yesterday eight. Am doesn't have all day together. Like taza today is yesterday. I have to say yes to whatever you want to do. a movie. a yes man with jim carey. She never saw i okay. This is not an entirely original idea. i liked it. Yeah but this is fun. And so i said there's three rules can't be dangerous. Can't bring any back to life can make love with anybody can be dangerous. Can't be illegal and the third one. I can't be impossible when if you wanted to go to disneyland today winning ticket so that's not gonna work smart and so tessa was was was intrigued and she was confused. Initially like she was like i want. Go down the street to dislike this tree yet testing. You can do any say yes to anything. She started to get it. And then so i was very alarmed because all she wanted was sugary foods on ice cream. Like it's fucking nine in the morning. I thought you were going to be alarmed. Because she was like all. I want is a hug from dad. Oh no no no get eleven doughnut at like noon or one. Pm and i was initially alarmed like. Oh shell this kid wants sugary food. But then i realized she doesn't get it. That's something that's a treat. She normally would not say no to so. That was nice a nice thing. She wanted a new pair of headphones. Because hers broke. Order a unicorn had amazing. We took her to. Of course the disney store you had to get address at. The shore is doable. so far. All all very doable. Plus she was going to shoot for the moon. Tessa i think at four years old. They don't have. I don't know about they all kids but doesn't doesn't have the like beginning unicorn headphone right. It's something very because the ice cream. she's almost like an adult. Like i'm gonna have a cheat day. And i need to reorder this thing. I know she wanted to wash luca. Come out the day before. What do you think already told you my opinion. I'll look good cute. Cute thin within premise. Yeah middle of the road pixar. Movie ma'am bottom. Half kind of it was a short that they said. Let's see if we can extend it. Yeah great soundtrack was it was. It was fine. It gives a. They didn't release in in real quick. Is there gonna be any back. Lash against the fact that none of the actors are italian. I occurs wasn't sure i'd be surprised. And then what did she do. She wanted to. Oh the thinks yep saying when she realized what was going on. I'm in charge a you today. Yes yes you are chesa so that was our yes. That is a lot of ice cream and donuts and movies. Princess dress fruits stress. You got lucky because she's very reasonable. That is not a game that would be a dangerous little game in our house. So i think she asked for more cereal like cheerios of or. When does your daughter become thirty. Five like some more muse licks and. I need to replace my headphones. I love that very modest. Well you roll the dice and you won and we want to make sure you guys know that. oh wait. are we doing another commercial. Not just the one per segment okay. Sorry he gave me a symbol for. I love that. And i love your daughter and we'll be back. We might be taking some calls also cultural quick. We can go as long as they told me not to fuck matt. Now that's categorically false eighty please by all means take these calls. I thought i read a micro expression Okay let's you know. Actually what i was gonna say earlier. Is that jeanie. you're not crazy. There is in fact. A movie called yesterday came out this year with jennifer garner on netflix exists year february. Twenty twenty one ain't got that they give a kids movie like what so. I figured you just watched it with her. No we don't look it up any ideas. no also i'll tell you this. Really quick andy. My fiance might be a genius. He bought a gumbo machine. Fill it with skittles. And i said the last thing. This kid needs more candy. He said wait. I have this so instead of just giving him candy the little one has to do a chore. Let's get it so now institute as a reward. That's good which i. I already talked about this nanny. Nine one one says never to do that but what are so instead of just giving it to him when he's asking for to wherever there is the poster thank you He doesn't ask for cranleigh. Now there is he doesn't say. Can i have some kenny. He says. Can i do a chore which i think the way better those smart as i mean. That's right okay..

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